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January 6, 2012

Third Birthday Play-by-Play

My sweet friend Jenny does an awesome play-by-play of her kiddos' birthday every year. I'm thankful that her twinnies are a week older than A and B so I could borrow her idea from the get-go.

I have had so much fun documenting the girls' special day each year, and what a fun look back it will be, to see exactly what we were doing when they were one, two, and now, three!

The girls woke up at 6:22, right on schedule...Baby A's schedule, anyway. (She's been on a 6:22 kick for weeks now, somehow not a minute earlier or later.) We usually head directly to the potty before even turning on the light, but the girls begrudgingly honored my request for early morning pictures.

We headed downstairs, where the girls snuggled on the couch, in anticipation of opening a couple of birthday presents.

The girls opened a gift from Aunt GG...

...kitty slippers!!! Baby A had so much fun traipsing around in GG's slippers during Christmas, and now they have their own. Here they are, "petting" their kitties...

There were more morning snuggles, here, with Mommy...

...followed by opening a gift from Mommy and Daddy, magnetic dress-up puzzles!

After Daddy went to work, Mommy made the girls' favorite breakfast, French toast!

We played and played, and then enjoyed a special birthday craft, decorating a felt cupcake!

We then headed to lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, where we met Aunt Shanda and Aunt Karen. We've done this every year...Aunt Shanda was there when the girls were born, and Aunt Karen, shortly thereafter, so we just have to share our birthday with them!

As a super-special treat, Daddy was able to stop by for a quick midday birthday kiss...and he brought CUPCAKES!

The girls have been fascinated with cupcakes for the past year (although they have had them only a handful of times). I told them they would have cupcakes at their birthday party...but they didn't expect any today! They were thrilled!!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's exciting conclusion of the girls' third birthday. It was such a fun, full day!


Julia said...

I love this! I have to tell you, too, that I especially love that you gave them Julia & Joey dress-up dolls! Of course, I'd expect nothing less from you. Looking forward to reading the next installment :)

championm2000 said...

I love the play-by-play. It looks like everyone had a great time--smiles all around!

Anonymous said...

love this :)

and love that they still wear sleep sacks! i thought i was the only one who was still a freak about that!

Mandy said...

This is amazing! I love their morning and cupcake faces. I'm pretty sure I'm still equally as excited over cupcakes!

I can't believe they are three, or that I only have 6 more months to make it to three myself! Job well done Mama!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I didn't even notice the sleep sacks and had to go back and look!

Very cute and wait, are they still contained in their cots properly?

I also love the morning and cupcake faces! I need to take a pic of my cupcake framed "art" plus another cupcake thing I bought to decorate a tiny little nook for the babies :)

Johanna said...

Happy birthday, little sweetpeas! Are they tiny or do they make gigantic sleep sacks? :)

What a FUN birthday! Welcome to three... it is the BEST age yet!

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Big Girl A and Big Girl B!!!!! Love this idea of documenting the day. MIght have to copy it when my turtles turn the big 3 in March!

Miss Megan said...

I love the play by play too! Looking forward to the next installment! Happy Birthday girls!!!

Liz said...

Love seeing the pics of your girls! They are so beautiful - makes me think of having a girl someday! I can't believe your girls are 3 years old. Time has flown for sure since I first started reading your blog! Looks like a wonderful day- you did a great job Mandy!

Barbara Manatee said...

I noticed the sleep sacks, too! ha! Loved those but Adam LOVES his big fleece blanket and snuggles with that every night.

Those magnetic puzzles look great!!

Adam is looking forward to his birthday treats, too...another child celebrated a birthday this week at daycare and had cupcakes and he talked about them all night and HIS birthday!!

Happy Birthday girls!!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Oh, how sweet...I love all of the pictures (and those slippers)!!

PS - those magnetic dress up things are awesome...