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January 6, 2012

Third Birthday Play-by-Play, Part II

[I took over 100 pictures on the girls' birthday, such that I had to break down their birthday play-by-play into two posts! Following yesterday's morning details, here's the second half of our day...]

After a fun-filled morning, the girls couldn't quite settle down for a nap (the only challenge of the day). We got in some extra play time and a little more crafting...

...before we bundled up for an afternoon walk.

The girls had some more play time with Daddy (they were so happy to show him the soccer uniform in their dress-up puzzle!)...

...while Mommy cooked supper. I made one of the girls' favorite meals, baked shrimp scampi with portabella mushrooms, over rice.

The girls wasted no time in digging in!

After supper, the girls opened one more present each, a couple of new books.

And then it was time for dessert, candles, and the singing (twice!) of "Happy Birthday!"

The girls were exhausted after such a big day, but they always have time for bedtime snuggles with Daddy.

Happy birthday, Baby A! Happy birthday, Baby B! We had an awesome day with our two most awesome baby girls!

Here are links to the girls' FIRST and SECOND birthday play-by-plays. Some things are the morning and nighttime snuggles, lunch with Aunt Shanda at Garcia's, lots of playtime, and Mommy's chocolate molten lava cake for dessert...but the changes from year to year are so incredible!


Barbara Manatee said...

Dinner looked delicious!!!

Looks like they had a great day - they look so cute in their matching outfits!

I wish I could take the day off to spend with Adam on Friday but I can't - a new student teacher AND a big Special Olympics event. :-( I'll have to figure out something fun for Saturday to do!!!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

What a great day!

I love that they love shrimp. The Crazies just started loving it a few months ago and they actually ate shrimp cocktail over Christmas!

Happy birthday to those big girls...

p.s. how do you still get them to go in the high chairs? the crazies had enough of those early on! i'm impressed.

championm2000 said...

I want that recipe! I think I have found my new favorite birthday dinner!

Looks like part II was just as fun as part I!

Jen said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday! I love the idea of the birthday play-by-play :-).

I would like that recipe, too! Can you please post it or email it to me? :-)

reanbean said...

A birthday play by play in photos is such a cute idea. Looks like A and B had a wonderful 3rd birthday full of family, friends, and fun!