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January 13, 2012

Fab 5 (or 6) Friday!

Very thankful for another fabulous week with my baby girls!

1) We had a fantastic play date with my friend Demara’s twin boys M&C this week. The boys got a train set for Christmas, very similar to the one A&B got, and we were anxious to get the kiddos together to play. At this age, there’s still not a great deal of interactive play, but the girls had an awesome time, and we hope they did, too!

2) Miss Demara made a beautiful lunch for us, including delicious sandwich wraps. The girls ate part of their servings at her house, but the wraps must have made a bigger impression. I decided to try my hand at a ham and cheese wrap for them later in the week, and they devoured it. “You and Miss Demara make good wraps!” B said.

3) In preparation for the girls’ birthday party, I needed to pick up a couple of things at the dollar store this week. After several pep talks, I decided to let the girls walk in with me – sans stroller. I was nervous…as there’s so much stuff…everywhere...but they did great! I found two little buckets for their party. I gave them each one to carry, and they were set! My big girls even made a little conversation with the clerk.

4) One afternoon this week, I was feeling extremely tired, and Daddy was going to be home late. I told the girls Mommy needed to close her eyes for a few minutes. I lay down with a pillow and blanket on the floor of the den. At first the girls climbed all over me, but after a minute or so, they settled down. Then I felt my Sweet Baby A…she was stroking my hair, and then my face. It was keeping me from resting, but it sure lifted my spirits!

5) While I was making supper one evening, I heard the girls decide to play hide-and-seek. It was so funny to observe. B stood in the corner and counted to 10, while A was to hide. Baby A kept getting antsy, though, and she would run and goose her sister from behind. B kept telling her, “You’re supposed to hide!” They were squealing and laughing like nobody’s business.

6) Baby B has said some of the funniest things lately. One of my favorites was over dinner, when I made split pea soup. “I was disappointed because I hadn’t had peas in a while. But I’m not disappointed now, because we’re having peas.” I hate to disappoint the babes, ya know?!

Hope you had your share of fabulousness this week, too!


cat said...

Oh they are just adorable! Great that she loves peas!

Julia said...

Your sweet girls. They love peas, they show compassion to their mama, and know how to give compliments. Love it!

I love how you pour out your thanks here--your words are so full of just how blessed you feel.

Miss Megan said...

I love their reasoning skills! And how sweet are they?! Stroking your hair even? Awww!

Barbara Manatee said... sweet she was stroking your hair. :-)

Glad you put an end to her disappointment about peas! ha!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Your girls sound like my two with the peas - I bribe them with food by saying "eat your food and then you get to have peas"


LOVE how A stroked your hair - too darn sweet. Don't you wish you had a pic of it? Well now you have a mental pic here on the blog