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January 27, 2012

Fabulous Friday!

We’ve had our share of rain this week, but we did enjoy a bit of time outside, including a really invigorating jaunt with the jogging stroller. I think it was December 30th, or there about, the last time we did that…way too long! I’m very thankful for that, and so many fabulous things this week!

1) Baby A has been pretending to fold laundry, and she is some kind of serious about it. She buzzes around like it’s her JOB to fold the little doll blankets in the den. And she really does an excellent job of it, matching the corners almost perfectly…that’s my girl!

2) The girls have been really into crafts lately, which just makes me smile. We’ve done lots of water colors, crayons, and stickers. I got out the girls’ scissors one day, and I was so surprised how well they did! Baby A, in particular, cut a piece of paper into about six strips, all by herself. I can foresee our crafting hitting new levels soon!

3) I let the girls help me in the kitchen on Thursday afternoon. I measured out everything to make Strawberry-Kiwi Shortcake, and they had a lot of fun dumping everything together and stirring. They were beyond excited to tell Daddy what they’d made. He was teasing them, calling it “Tall Cake”, though. Baby B didn’t find an ounce of humor in that. She was very defensive over her “Shortcake”.

4) After a particularly good nap on Tuesday, I decided to treat the girls at the yogurt shop. Daddy met us there after school, and we had a sweet time together. I then tempted fate and stopped by the grocery store to pick up a couple of things…sans stroller. I’m so thankful to report we had a successful trip!

5) Baby A woke up early a few days ago, and so she was already downstairs when I got B up. Baby B and I were alone in the bathroom, and I just couldn’t resist telling her how cute she was…sitting on the potty with her bed-head and super-soft fleece pajamas. “And I’m sweet!” she added. Like a dessert!

6) Baby A was trying to tell me something one day, and I just couldn’t understand what word she was getting at. She finally said, “Seep!!! A little lamb!” It’s happened a couple of times where she’s offered an explanation for something, which just amazes me.

7) A very sweet friend sent the girls a couple of new CDs for their birthday. They are with one, and they request it most mornings after breakfast. It is amazing to me how quickly they’ve picked up on so many words already. And I just love how Baby A asks to dance with me to the first song. She wants me to pick her up (which is rare), and dance around. I very happily oblige.

Hope you had a fabulous week, as well!


Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Those are all things to set the stage for a FAB weel for sure!

Strawberry-Kiwi Shortcake,,,,yummy!

Just got our Christmas card...thank you so much!


Marcia (123 blog) said...

Oh they are adorable and I love the folding thing. I'm working on training them to do things. O course we started with putting away toys :)

James said...

Pretty soon you'll be able to have a little crafting assembly line...

cat said...

How wonderful to see the, growing up like that - each coming into their own.

Johanna said...

Like a dessert! Good analogy, smart baby!!!

Amanda said...

So sweet...way to get them stared with the laundry early! My 10 year old often helps me with the laundry which I always appreciate!

Olusola said...

awww! the mommy-baby dance sounds a dessert ;)LOL!

Barbara Manatee said...

Sarah loves to help fold blankets and match socks for me, too! I always welcome the help!

We have some fun cds in the car for the kids - their favorite is one a friend gave us last year with their favorite silly songs. Adam makes a special request most mornings on the way to school for either "The Cookie Jar" song or the "Princess" song (not the 'real' titles but how he remembers them.) :-)