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September 10, 2011

2011 Goals, Revisited

So…I had thought maybe once a quarter I’d check in on the yearly goals I outlined for myself in January…but here it is September, and – to be 100% truthful – I just looked at my goals for the first time since said January. Gulp!

Having waited far too long, I’ll tell you I was scared to see how I was tracking. But inspired by Marcia – whose inspired personality makes goal-setting actually sound fun! – I finally worked up the nerve to see how things are tracking.

What’s funny is that I’m actually doing OK! That tells me that either I have a strong internal compass for what’s “right”…or my goals weren’t very lofty after all! In any case, here ‘goes…


• Potty training.

One down, one to go! I’m very happy with where I am on this front, as I’ve allowed myself to follow the girls’ lead. As of now, Baby B still isn’t quite ready. I realize if she hasn’t announced her “readiness” in another few months, I might have to re-evaluate, but for now, I feel good about where we are.

• Baby-proof the kitchen and allow the girls out of the “holding cell” in the den.

I haven’t moved on this one yet, and I’m OK with that, too. I would like to be baby gate-free by the time the girls turn three…which I think is realistic…but I’m trying to find the right balance to continue to give the girls their freedom (which they currently have in the den), and not drive myself CrAzY looking after them every single moment. Since I’ve waited this long, I’m hoping our baby-proofing can be minimal.

• Stair masters.

Check! The girls are doing great negotiating the stairs…I still walk with them for my peace of mind, but they’re pretty agile!

• Let the girls out of their stroller.

While I still make a lot of use of the stroller for bigger shopping trips, I’m comfortable running small errands (a bank deposit, a loaf of bread, a quick gift) with them by my side. They do fantastic walking in the neighborhood hand-in-hand, and I am so proud to have taken them numerous times to a restaurant for snacks by myself. It’s still so far from relaxing…but I’m hoping with enough practice, we’ll be out for a girls’ lunch soon.

• Sitter.

Check! Since the first of the year, Miss Jennifer has been coming once a week to play with the girls for a couple of hours. Most of the time I leave to run errands or just have a little “me” time…and that’s so good for all of us!

• Utensils.

Check! The girls are actually pretty mannerly, and relatively neat!

• Go on a family trip (other than to see family).

Check! We took our first mini-vacation this summer, and we’re even considering another mini-trip this fall!

• In general…CHILL OUT!!! I know it will be good for us if I occasionally throw caution (along with fear and dread) to the wind and Jump in puddles, play in the dirt, go down the slide…do more art projects, make an introduction to Play-Doh, decorate some cookies…let the girls be KIDS.

We have yet to jump in any puddles, but we haven’t had much rain until this week (a likely excuse, huh?). We’ve played in the dirt (or at least the backyard), we’ve played with sidewalk chalk, and we’ve gone down lots of slides – even unassisted! We’re ramping up our art projects, and I have my sights set on Play-Doh. And we’ve had several kitchen projects, and I hope to do lots more with the approaching holidays.

Overall, I’m relaxing a bit as the girls are getting older. I’m learning that they won’t melt in the rain, and that finger paint does (eventually) wash off. Baby step by baby step, I’m getting there…even if the girls are sometimes dragging me by the shirtsleeves.


• My email box is OUT.OF.CONTROL!!! D.

A couple of times this year, I cleaned out a lot of old files, but I still don’t have a system in place. ((sigh))

• Clutter / filing. B-.

I’ve cut down on clutter, but I still don’t keep up with filing with the frequency I’d like to.

• Pictures / scrapbooking. A-.

I am FINALLY up-to-date on all my picture stuff. I haven’t scrapbooked as much as I’d like to, but I do have all my supplies organized, and I do delve into it from time to time. It’s a great creative outlet, and I would like to do it with more frequency.

• Camera / Photoshop. F.

Haven’t touched a thing. ((sigh))

• Do a better job of staying in touch with out-of-town friends. C.

I finally met Alison’s baby over Labor Day weekend (and I can’t say enough just how awesome that was!!!). I haven’t met any other friends…yet…but given how well the girls have done on our last couple of trips, I’m at least feeling more optimistic about the opportunities over the next few months.

• Sugar addiction. B-.

I do fine as long as I don’t buy / make the stuff. If I do, I must have an outlet (share with friends / give to neighbors)…or just eat a bit and toss the rest. I still have no willpower.

So…for the balance of the year…

I need to continue to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone with the girls. I’d like to be baby-gate free by the end of the year, and I would like for B to be potty-trained (or at least well on her way).

As for “me” stuff, I want to conquer the paper in the house, and get a system in place to deal with it on a regular basis. I also need a system to deal with my email. I am considering just dumping the contents of my current inbox into a folder and starting fresh. Otherwise I seem to get caught up in dealing with my current mess, unable to focus on moving forward.

I honestly don't see me taking time for the camera / Photoshop goals I outlined. They're not off the list, but I'm trying to be realistic.

We still have 112 days in 2011. I can do this!


Just Another Mom of Twins said...

WoW! I would say you have done EXCELLENT tackling that list, especially since you haven't even looked at it since January! Did I say WoW yet?!?! :)

Good for you! Love this idea!

P.S. I hear ya about the gates...LOL!

Happy weekend!

Eric, Marilyn, and Elliott said...

We loved our baby gates in the Oneonta house, but our house now didn't really lend itself to gating as well. So I had to just lock the doorknobs of the bathrooms and basement door, install an alarm system that beeps if any doors open, and take some anxiety meds! :)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I think you'd go crazy in our house. D wants to take K's sidebars off her cot and "let her loose" too. In theory that's fine but TWO kids running around my house getting into my freezer is going to be interesting.

You're doing FANTASTIC and I love how you graded yourself :)

Thanks also for the very kind words - it really is just who I am.

Also, about the emails, I absolutely recommend making a folder with today's date titled "10 Sept", drag everything in there and start fresh :) You will feel SO good. I did this once for a client with 14 000 emails LOL

MultipleMum said...

Good for you! You are tracking well! No-one ever meets *all* of their goals but you will go very close! I still have two uninterested toilet trainers. Soooooo over nappies! x

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Only Marcia could make goal-setting sound fun!

I love that you're trying to give them more'll be good for them. If you let them out, you'll definitely see what needs baby-proofing!


Love the sitter idea.

Olusola said...

Me and you both. Just reading Marcia's blog gets me all fired up andready to set goals but... to acommodate my ability to procastinate, I'll start in 2012 :)

Barbara Manatee said...

Yeah for accomplishing so much already!! Gosh...I can't even remember if I set any goals or resolutions this year. If I did, I'm sure losing weight was one of them...and I've got that! :-) Now...if only we could get to the potty training...ha!

Anonymous said...

yea, Mandy!! good for you. it's totally your internal compass!! you're very inspiration, yourself, you know!!