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January 2, 2011

The Good, the Not-so-Good, and the Hopeful, Part II

Yesterday I posted some reflections about the year 2010, as well as projections of what I'd like to improve in 2011 in the "Baby" category. Today, "Me" stuff...


The Good
The girls were born in January 2009. That was obviously an amazing start to the year, but I felt like I was running most of the year just to keep up. In 2010, I more or less got my groove back…or more accurately, created a new groove. There are several things that I’m pretty proud of, things I want to continue to build upon…

· Hubby and I have been spending more time together, even if it’s just to watch a DVR’d TV show after the girls are in bed. We finally discovered that we can get a “house sitter” to come over after the girls are in bed, allowing us to go out for a late dinner. We’ve been doing that about once a month, and it’s heavenly.

· I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping up with my friends in town, even if it means a late night or a missed weekend nap in order to meet for coffee.

· As we transitioned the girls away from baby food early this year, I’ve been cookinga lot. I try to limit processed foods when possible, and we’ve definitely been eating much healthier. I love nothing more than seeing my refrigerator stocked with home-cooked meats and veggies, and my counter and produce drawer overflowing with fresh fruit.

· Although due to the girls’ schedule I’ve gotten away from any type of aerobics routine (which I miss!), I’ve done a pretty good job of exercising in some form of fashion. I walk or jog probably four times a week.

· I’ve gotten back into reading more this year, and that just makes me feel like “me”.

· In partnership with my friend Jenny, whose B/G twins are exactly one week older than A & B, we started a Mothers of Multiples group for our area. I’ve made some awesome friends – ones who really “get it – and we look forward to continuing to grow the club this year.

· I started this blog almost a year ago. I’ve sure enjoyed the creative outlet, and I’ve made even more awesome friends – who also “get it!

The Hopeful
· My email box is OUT.OF.CONTROL!!! I have got to be more disciplined about clearing out my box each day / week…and in turn I hope I can improve my follow-up, too.

· Clutter / filing. I’ve been working on this one already, realizing that I spend 97.5% of my waking hours in the kitchen / den area, and I feel so much better when it’s clutter-free. I do a decent job on a day-to-day basis, but I need to get better about monthly filing and especially SHREDDING.

· Pictures / scrapbooking. I am disciplined when it comes to monthly editing and printing, but I am SO BEHIND on putting my printed pictures in albums…and I don’t even want to think about how far behind I am on scrapbooking. This is a big one for me…I really enjoy scrapbooking, and I want to find a way to dedicate time to this hobby.

· Camera / Photoshop. We invested in a great camera before the girls were born, and I L-O-V-E it. Sadly, though, I rarely use it out of “auto” mode. I bought myself a how-to book specific to my camera model, and – mark my words – I’m gonna figure this puppy out this year! Likewise, I invested in nice a nice software package for photo and video editing…but it’s never been out of the box. The camera is my first priority, but this one is a close second.

· While I stay in pretty good touch with my in-town friends, as well as a couple of friends from “home”, I would like to do a better job of staying in touch with out-of-town friends. This year I am bound and determined to meet Alison’s baby in person, and I would also like to make arrangements to see at least one friend from high school during the year.

· Finally, and most shamefully, I must admit I am addicted to SUGAR. I cannot resist the likes of candy corn, and sugar orange slices, and conversation hearts. In reality, I have very little willpower, so I must do a better job of limiting my candy purchases. I’ve also found it helps if I brush my teeth immediately after I put the girls to bed, as that’s an almost-sure way for me to limit my sugar sins.

Whew, again! I’ve compiled quite a list…I’m tired just typing it! (And if you’ve actually made it through reading this, I should reward you with a Starbucks gift card or something!)

I have quite a few things I want to work on, but I know they’re areas that will make my life easier and more enjoyable.

Once again, here’s to a great 2011!


Mandy said...

I can email you my address...LOL!

I would really like to make a list of goals, but I know they will fall to the wayside. *Sigh*

I too spend all my time downstairs, so while the downstairs remains tidy the rest of the house is falling to pieces. I can't tell you the last time I cleaned my wardrobe or swept under my cedar chest! Don't feel you're the only one behind in the scrapbooking department! I have envelope after envelop of pictures with more yet to print and I haven't even purchased their scrap books yet although I will totally admit to buying embellishments! If only nap time were 4 straight hours...


Rebecca said...

I agree with the decluttering...then again, I live in an impossibly small house, so I have no choice.

The candy? I just don't buy it. We had sweets around for the holidays, but when the in-laws came, they ate a lot and the rest went in the garbage. If I really need something, I can usually dig it up, but you can do it...even if it's hard sometimes!

Awesome that you can still's so good for us! God, I'm a freaking dork.

Andrea said...

You have done an awesome job getting your rear in gear with this list! :) I wish I could say I will do the same because God knows I need to! I hate to even admit this but I still have not potty trained Molly and Luke. I had really high hopes to get Molly done over the last 11 days, but she had no part in it. She told me she didn't want to go pee pee on the potty. I have always had the outlook of not trying until they were absolutely ready because I didn't want to fight them for no reason. I have been told by numerous people it is not fight you want to take on. Of course I don't want 4 year olds in diapers, so it is
probably time to get serious. I figure I will start the research on the best route to take. I am really hoping to still get Molly done by 3 and hopefully Luke will
follow shortly after. If you come across any valuable information in that
category please pass it on. I hope the birthday plans are going well! Take care and have a great week, Andrea

Quadmama said...

We're working on less processed foods, too. It just feels good to eat better!

Barbara Manatee said...

First up - Kudos to you for the healthy cooking, exercising and reading!! I love to read too but go in spurts. I just started a book over Christmas break and can't put it down - stayed up till almost midnight last night to read even though I had to be up at 5am for work again today!

Also - glad you and DH are going out a bit more! we don't get out often but in the 'early days' we would do the same thing - put the kids to bed and have a sitter come while they slept. Then we didn't feel like we were missing any quality time with them. Now, that's not as possible as they go to bed later and we want to do more than just grab a late dinner - but we thankfully have some great sitters (thankful for their daycare teachers!) and have a handful that we can call upon when we want to get out!

Hopeful for me? Friends is a much needed thing I need to focus on again. Cut out some sugar...omg I've become an addict! and photos? I'm about 6 months behind in printing anything and NOTHING has made it into albums since the twins were about 6 months old. yikes!!

Awesome for starting a Moms of Multiples group! I joined one when I was PG and am now on the board and love it!!

Anonymous said...

great list :)

i'm hoping to start cooking more again, too. with the kids eating more and more it makes it easier. i also want to start a date night of sorts. we also wait until the kids go down and get a "house sitter". :)

i've decided to scrap the scrap booking idea. i just do shutterfly books. also i just keep everything saved on an external hard drive. ...but wonder what will happen in 10 years (or 5?) when that's outdated!?!

reanbean said...

It's good of you to be so reflective. I'm hoping this will be the year when T and I reconnect more and get to spend more "just the two of us" time together. I need to get started planning our next one or it will suddenly be three months before we're out for out next "date".

I'm with you on most of the "needs improvement" things, except learning to use a high tech camera (so jealous!) and the issue with sweets. Hopefully I can find time to improve in those areas this year as well.

Happy 2011!