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September 22, 2011

Getting Easier (and Harder)

I gave the girls a bath yesterday morning. By myself. And I didn’t think anything about it.

Earlier this year, I would have just waited for Daddy to come home. And even a few months ago, I would have had to pat myself on the back with a boastful Facebook status for having accomplished such a feat.

But these days I can handle lathering two girlies, juggling four toy turtles, and blow-drying everyone’s hair, all in the course of a weekday morning routine.

I’m taking the girls for their flu shots today. By myself. And I haven’t been psyching myself up for days. In fact, I’d almost forgotten about the appointment until I glanced at the calendar yesterday afternoon.

Would it be easier if I had someone to go with me? Of course. But I can do it by myself, and it will be fine.

As evidenced by baths and doctor’s visits and going to get frozen yogurt, I feel like things are “getting easier”. I still use the stroller quite a bit, when I really need both my hands for an extended period of time, but – for short periods of time and in measured contexts – our girls are pretty good at walking and holding hands and behaving like big girls.

And that’s a good feeling.

So is this the turning point where things are truly “easier”? Hmmm…I can’t say we’re “there” yet.

Naptime can be a struggle at our house. I sometimes long for the days where I could lay the girls down at a certain time, and have confidence that they would sleep.

These days, I probably spend too much time analyzing our morning activities…I want to stimulate the girls such that they need a nap…but not too much such that they can’t settle down. At least that’s the way I think about it. Some days we have a brilliant rest, and some days it’s nothing short of painful.

And I will say, as much as I appreciate only changing one child’s diaper these days, those diaper days were actually pretty convenient!

Now the availability / cleanliness of public bathrooms factors into my psyche, as well as how long we’ll be away from home and how much the girls have had to drink prior to an outing. (Wonder if there’s an app for that?!)

Stepping back, though, big picture, things are easier.

Two-and-a-half is The Most Awesome Age, and going and doing is easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

And as for the challenges? I’ll just continue to remind myself of “ages and stages”. Nothing lasts forever…so roll with it, enjoy it for what you can…and know that tomorrow is a new – and different! – day.


Brad Jenkins said...

Well done! I still fear doing the bath alone, so I'm happy for you that you seem to have it under control. Maybe in another year I'll be ready.

Always good to see what we have to look forward to in the coming months!

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

As always ... learning from you. Thanks! It's actually good to hear about the stuff you miss....naps, diapers. Because that makes me appreciate them more now. I've had to bathe the girls alone from almost day one b/c the hubby works so much ..... I'm glad you feel you mastered that one now. It does feel good. Thanks for always sharing the good and the honest!! Have a great day!

Beth said...

I am right there with you!

In many ways things have gotten easier. Yet some of these very changes introduce more challenges. I don't think we need to worry about getting bored any time soon :-)

I was just complaining about how hard nap time is to my husband. I said I wanted to make sure to get them active in the morning to help nap time so he suggested taking them to a local jumpy place. I told him no, they would be too wound up to sleep. I got an odd look and a, "Seriously?" It is a very precise balance we are seeking!

championm2000 said...

I love hearing that things just keep getting better!

Johanna said...

Mine are almost a whole year older than yours... and it DOES keep getting better and better! Glad you are having so much fun with yours. :)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love reading yours and Rebecca;s posts of things to come. And good to know it gets better.

Did you read R's 3's post today though? Aren't you scared??? :)

Jenny Borders said...

If there was an app for that....would it matter? :)

(just had to comment!!)

I totally agree about it is easier/harder. I have been throwing around ideas in my head for a post about the pros/cons of two children: 2 infants, 2 toddlers, or 1 infant/1 toddler.

Barbara Manatee said...

Totally!! Adam's at the age that my twins were the summer he was an infant. I remember thinking how much easier life was then (even while juggling an infant) with them! that he's at that age - I am once again thinking how much easier life can be at times.

Sure, there are still plenty of challenges, in different ways, but I'm again amazed at how more independent he is getting, how much more he is talking, and how BIG he seems! Now...if only we could conquer potty training! ha!

PJ said...

Woohoo! Mine are 15 months and I'm glad to hear someone say it gets easier!

I can swing the bath thing by myself too, but it is much more, "all about the business, and not about the fun" when I do it alone. Suds, rinse, repeat. Definitely lots more fun when daddy is home!

I still psyche myself out about taking them out together by myself-probably more than I should. But only one is walking (the other JUST now started) and neither of them are exactly swift on their toddling feet yet.

So looking forward to more independence!

Dolli-Mama said...

I love this! I am so excited for you!
Strangly, I'm in an easy stage right now too. Not that it will stay easy, but right now I've got a handle on things!

Anonymous said...

this really hits home for me. the funny thing is that i don't think anything of doing bath alone right now. but i won't take them anywhere by myself if i can help it. b? he'll take them anywhere by himself. he can't stay in the house all day or he'll go crazy. i definitely prefer to be there where i'm "safe". :)

love knowing that it gets easier, though!

reanbean said...

2.5 was definitely an awesome age. In fact, most of my kids' two year old year was pretty great. I think it was because it really was the beginning of them being kids and no longer babies or toddlers. Age 3 started out very rocky, and we definitely still have our ups and downs, but in general, I think things really do just get better and better. :o)

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

You did flu shots by yourself? You rock, Mama!!!

I don't know if we'll ever be "there." Seriously...just when I think I am, something else crops up!