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May 3, 2011

The Potty-Capades: A Silver Lining

It was just over a year ago that it happened…

…I put the girls down for a nap, wearing the cutest little t-shirts, zipped snugly into their comfy blankets…

…when, an hour and a half later, I returned to find Baby A wide awake, smeared in poop.

I vowed never again to put the girls to bed in anything other than a onesie.

Baby A must have discovered the fun of opening the tape tabs on her diapers, as she seemed to take lots of joy in taking them off. The Onesie Rule quickly extended beyond the crib.

For the past year, Baby A has rarely been without a onesie. The girls wore lots of bubble suits last summer. And this winter, even if they were in shirts and pants, they were likely wearing a short-sleeved undershirt with snaps.

Baby A went through a couple of phases where she would wiggle out of her onesies in true Houdini fashion…getting her arms out, and pulling it down to step out of it…without ever unsnapping it. Thankfully, these phases were relatively short-lived.

A couple of weeks ago, Baby A figured out how to unsnap her onesies…and then, of course, she’d take her diaper off…and that ultimately marked the beginning of our potty-training adventures.

As of last Saturday, the girls have worn t-shirts a pants or shorts every day…actually, the easier to get off and on, the better.

It’s been freeing.

It’s so much easier to get the girls dressed, and they look so stinkin’ cute in their big girl outfits!

And, as I was shopping for some knit separates this weekend, it dawned on me that the girls deserve something extra-special to mark this momentous occasion…their first pair of pajamas!

I bought the girls the cutest little pajama sets. And if Spring will ever decide to stick around for a while, I can’t wait to see them dressed for bed.

And yes, for any of you doing the math, I very quickly sunk the next three months’ diaper savings into some new wardrobe items for the girls…but I just couldn’t resist.

This is one silver lining I hadn’t even considered as part of the Potty-Capades, but this is one surprise that this mama is loving!


Marcia (123 blog) said...

LOL Love it!

What were they sleeping in before? Babygrows? (those all in one towelling sleepsuits)

I love my kids in babygrows but we had 1 pair of pjs each (hand me downs) and they got another pair from my mother for Easter (I haven't fitted them on yet btw!)

Kendra LOVES her pjs - she loves being a big girl; Connor doesn't care what he wears as long as it doesn't impede his movement :)

Amanda said...

Oh I can't wait for cute 2 peice PJ's for my girls. Because of the same pooply messes you encountered and my girls constant desire to removes their diapers at nap time, my girls have been sleeping in backwards sleepers with the feet cut off and the zipper in the back so they can't undress. The onesies didn't work as they would wiggle out the top from the beginning! Although we are potty training during the day...they will still be in a diaper at nap and night for awhile...unfortunately!

Andrea said...

I bet they do look adorable in their big girl outfits!! Sweet girls! I am assuming when you say their first pair of are saying separates. Or did they never even sleep in one piece zip up foot pajamas? Always a onesie? Nothing wrong with that, just curious. How very fun! You enjoy every minute of it Mommy!

championm2000 said...

Yay for cute PJs!

Mandy said...

I have been anti-snap since day one. We've worn them of course but I avoid them at all cost. That being said, I know I've jinxed myself and will wake up to poo covered babies!

This season was the first season I didn't have everything ready to go. My wallet felt it. An entire new wardrobe times 2!! I just wasn't sure what size they would be but I think from now on I'll just buy and hope for the best!

The girls just got their first pair of real pajamas and I hated it! They looked like little people walking into bed. I call them their Hefner pajamas since the shirt buttons down the front. My babies are growing up far to fast for my liking!

Jenner said...

My daughter is constantly stripping herself down to nothing. Diapers don't stand a chance! She is naked every morning when she wakes up. Snaps, zippers, it doesn't matter, she can get out of them!

Rebecca said...

I love shopping for the Crazies! I can't believe this is their first pair of PJ's! Love it!!!

I would DIE if there was a poop smearing incident...DIE, I tell ya!