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May 27, 2011

52 Weeks of ME! Challenge


Today the Dolli family is celebrating Ky and Cadee's first birthday! Dollimama is taking the day off, putting her feet up, and soaking in all those special moments.

(Or, if she's anything like me on our girls' first birthday, she may be running around with cupcake batter on her elbows, powdered sugar icing in her hair, gift wrap tailing from her skirt hem...all the while trying to still feed and clothe a couple or three kiddos...but who's counting?)

In any case, I'm honored to be able to give dollimama the day to focus on her family...and take over hosting my very favorite link-up -- the 52 Weeks of ME! Challenge -- for this week!

As a mom, I think it can be pretty easy for me to lose sight of myself. My kiddos garner 99.7% of my focus...that's my job, right?

Dollimama's challenge is for us to do one "something" for ourselves each recharge our batteries, to indulge our interests. And I think that ultimately makes me a better mom.

There are some weeks I do "big" enjoy a rare date night with my hubby, or steal away for a couple of hours to indulge in a pedicure with a girlfriend. More often than not, though, I have to dig a little deeper to think about doing something for myself.

For me, that's the beauty of this weekly challenge...I don't always have the time or the resources for something "big"...but it's just as much about realizing some of the "little" things during the course of my week that help me remember who "me" is.

It may be a cup of coffee at the bookstore...or a new set of notecards...or letting the laundry sit unfolded while I enjoy a bubble bath and an early bedtime.

Whatever it is, I love stepping back at the end of the week to appreciate that "me" time, even if I don't have freshly painted toenails to prove it.

So what did I do for myself this week???

On a whim, I bought myself a new CD, the latest from Los Lonely Boys. Being waaaay out of mainstream media these days, I didn't even realize they had a new CD, so it was such a pleasant surprise for it to catch my eye when I was walking through Target.

I love their "Texican" style of rock and always puts me in a great mood...and now just to find the time to listen to it! Maybe that will be next week's indulgence! :)

Now it's YOUR turn!

What did you do this week to get your groove back???

And don't forget to zip over to dollimama's blog to wish Ky and Cadee a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Onesie Mommy said...

Thanks for hosting the ME Challenge this week. It's fun to come over here and link up while dollimama parties with her girls!

That's great that you found a CD of music you like. I'm sure you'll be enjoying it in no time.

Have a great weekend!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Well, look at you! HOsting so beautifully :)

I will go enter the giveaway - I never know if outside the US is included (99.9% of the time we're not).

Fun CD! Which reminds me I ordered one a few weeks ago at our church bookshop and never collected it!!!

Anonymous said...

:) i *do* listen to pop music 2 x a week while i'm in the car. but mostly it makes me feel old. yesterday i found a radio station that was new to me that featured songs that were all from when i was in high school. it was crazy to know 99% of the lyrics to all the songs that they were playing. lol.

way to host! :)

Unknown said...

I haven't bought a cd in years...DH downloads a lot of music or I download mp3s on my phone :-) I listen to a big variety of music...kinda funny to scroll through my play lists!

penguinsandladybugs said...

Treating yourself to a new CD and the "gift" that the music will continue to give you is GREAT!!!! Thanks for hosting this week (sorry I'm a little late)!

Andrea said...

Yay for a new CD!!!! Always fun! Now you have something new to sing in the car to!! So much fun!! Thanks for hosting this week! Sorry to be linking up late! Crazy week! Hope you are enjoying this weekend so far! Take care!