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November 24, 2010

Jumping on the Bandwagon

After seeing a few of my blogger friends tout the virtues of the online photo service Shutterfly, I decided to jump on the touting bandwagon.

We are definitely a Shutterfly family, and have been for many years. My friends at Shutterfly have witnessed everything from the addition of our two sweet furry babies to our family in 2000, to the addition of our two sweet non-furry babies (i.e. Baby A and Baby B) in 2009.

Since the girls were born, my relationship with Shutterfly has deepened considerably. Not only do I print all my photos through Shutterfly, but I use several of their services, too.

Admittedly, I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to capturing the girls’ every move…their every outfit…their every adventure.

On average, I probably take 250 or so photos a month. I try to narrow that down to 100 that I print. (You should see the stacks of photo storage boxes I have, and the girls are only 22 months old!) I have most of the prints delivered to me, but I also send prints directly to three family members each month.

Before I found The Wonderful World of Blogging, I started a photo share site through Shutterfly. Although this blog is the best place for real-time updates on A and B, I still update my photo site once a month. It provides a great pictorial history.

I also compile my pictures into photo books. I have one for every three months…and I did a special book to mark the girls’ first birthday and party.

I have ordered a number of greeting cards (birthday cards, Father’s Day, etc.) from Shutterfly. I think that’s much better than your standard card-store greeting…and as Shutterfly will send it directly to the recipient, it has saved this baby-juggling mama a few trips to the post office.

I have ordered several photo gifts, including calendars, magnets, and mouse pads.

And of course I’ve ordered a number of photo cards from Shutterfly. I first sent a Valentine’s Day greeting when the girls were about six weeks old. I followed that up with a Happy Summer card a few months later. (I might just have been looking for reasons to send pictures of our girls to 50 or so of our closest friends!)

I ordered my holiday photo cards from Shutterfly last year, and I intend to do so again this year…as soon as I have our holiday photos made, that is (gulp!). Shutterfly has a great selection of holiday cards to choose from, they produce a high-quality product at a very competitive price, and their customer service is truly first class.

I am writing this blog post for a promotion, through which Shutterfly will give me 50 free holiday cards. To borrow a line from my bloggy friend Reanbean, I swear to you that everything written here is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I really do think Shutterfly rocks. :)

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