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November 3, 2010

Streaker Alert!

Yes, there seems to be a streaker on the loose, last seen running through our den.

I don’t know what’s gotten into Baby A, but I am beginning to think I might have to invest in some standard-issue duct tape to keep the kid’s clothes on.

Since she began to appreciate the opposability of her thumbs, Baby A has never been one to keep socks on for very long. And we didn’t make it 50 yards out of the store, having bought the girls’ first pair of (Velcro-closure) shoes before we had to return them for some lace-ups. She had those puppies off in no time!

I have generally been able to keep her clothed by using onesies. She may strip her shoes, socks, and pants, but as long as the snaps are securely fastened, I’ve been able to avoid most incidents.

(Leave her alone – literally for a minute – in pants and a shirt, though, and she’s enjoying the breeze.)

Earlier this week, we had our first onesie breach.

At first I thought Baby A was being so cute, giving a nod to “Flashdance”. She had worked one arm out of her (long-sleeve) onesie. “Silly girl!” I told her, intending to help her put herself back together in a minute. The next thing I knew, she had worked both arms out, and was pulling the onesie down off her legs.

The onesie she was wearing was a little roomy, so I marched upstairs and found one from last season. At least having a more secure fit will make it more difficult for Houdini-Girl to escape.

But gah!!! The girls have a closetful of the most precious fall and winter clothes. I hate to keep Baby A straight-jacketed in last year’s onesies, just to keep her from streaking through the house!

And there’s actually a twin component, too. If left to her own devices, Baby A would undress herself, and then proceed to collect Baby B’s socks and pants, too. (I haven’t seen her go further than that, but I wouldn’t put it past her!)

I really hope this is just a phase, one that she’ll grow out of. They only make onesies so big! And even if I found a custom onesie to fit her when she’s five, she’s eventually bound to learn to unsnap it herself!


Mohini said...

Ah yes the taking off things - it's cute the first few times but then when every time you open the car doors and find two pairs of shoes AND socks on the floor it starts to get to you. So far mine only take off their pants sometimes. They do pull their hands in through the sleeves and straight-jacket themselves occasionally but it's never turned into a favorite activity, thank God.

Rebecca said...

Ha...I was just thinking that I'm sick of going into the Crazies' room at night only to find Matt's pant twisted around his ankles...why do they do this to us???

If one takes their pants off, they both do it. I'm just waiting for it to happen at school...ugh! It is cute though...gotta give them that!

Anonymous said...

lol. this is good for me to know. right now we have a special "naked" time right before bath when we strip down. the kids love it and start to get antsy to get their clothes off right after dinner. i hope i am not teaching them bad habits!!

MultipleMum said...

Too funny. She is clever though. My kids streak and have a dance they do in the rudey nudey. If it weren't so cute (and therefore impossible for me not to laugh at) I am sure it wouldn't have gone on for as long as it has :)

reanbean said...

Tiny went through a phase like this around 18 months. It was annoying, but it eventually passed (can't remember exactly how long it lasted). You'll appreciate this skill when potty training comes around. :o)

Buba, on the other hand, still has trouble getting his shirt off by himself. Maybe I should be worried, but it's nice to still have one kid who needs me from time to time.