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November 1, 2010

Two Cheers for Halloween and a Band-Aid

My dear friend and the girls' "Uncle" Michael gave us The.Most.Adorable. cheerleading outfits as a baby shower gift. And while at the time I could never imagine my tiny little babies ever being big enough to wear them, I've been anxiously anticipating them donning their "Roll Tide gear" and melting my heart just a little more.

The cheerleading outfits fit in perfect time...for the 2010 football season...and for Halloween!

On an unseasonably warm day for October 31, we dressed the girls in their "Bama outfits", as they call them, and began the Halloween festivities.

First, of course, was the family photo on the front steps.

And then the girls got to experience their first taste of trick-or-treating (although not literally...that candy is for ME!).

We made our way around to our immediate neighbors. The girls seemed to enjoy parading around, and they were even up to showing off a few key phrases..."Roll Tide!" (of course)..."Trick-or-treat!" (which, although not said very plainly, was recognizable in context)...and "Thank you!" (said, or at least signed).

The only mishap of the afternoon involved the neighbor's sweet dog, the same dog that we religiously stop and wave to on our morning walks. But I guess waving to a dog from the safety of the street, and the further safety of the jogging stroller, is different from waving to the same dog while dressed in your 'Bama finest, walking up said dog's driveway.

Baby B got a little anxious at her proximity to the dog (which was a good 20 feet away), and in the process, she stumbled.

Yes, we incurred our first scraped knee.

I personally think it's pretty good to have gone almost 22 months with no Band-Aid-requiring bumps, scrapes, or bruises...but Hubby was nonetheless horrified.

Fortunately B doesn't seem too traumatized...but I guess the true test will be on our morning walk.

Despite the application of the girls' first Band-Aid, I'd call Halloween 2010 a success. Let's hope we can say the same for the 2010 football season. ROLL TIDE!!!


Christina said...

Look how cute they are! Adorable!

Cottongirl7 said...

What cuties! Love the family picture. I think that makink it 22 months before needing a band aid is remarkable! Way to go mom. At least now it's out of the way. Glad it was a great time.

Quadmama said...

So cute!!!! As for the candy, we have a huge bucket from my girls' haul... and I already have a stomach ache!

Andrea said...

Such pretty little cheerleaders and a lovely fall family picture. I think I gained 3 pounds this last weekend from all the candy!

Liz said...

The girls look adorable! I can't believe that was the first scraped knee. We've had so many...I guess cause I have boys.
Love your family pic too!

Rebecca said...

First scraped knee is a big deal! Looks like such a fun day and I love those outfits!!!

Jeremi said...

adorable!! so fun seeing your family pic -- beautiful girls, beautiful family : )

scraped knees (and such) are STILL a big deal over here!

reanbean said...

They look absolutely adorable! What a great family photo!

Tiny has been getting scrapes all over her body pretty much since she started running. They're usually not too bad. Aside from the gash in her hand when she fell last June, she's never needed a band-aid.

Glad to hear that A and B had fun trick-or-treating! Enjoy the candy! :o)

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

Oh my gosh! So cute, how do you stand it?!! I was walking through a department store and they had all their Christmas dresses out and I thought to myself that it's probably a good thing that I don't have a girl yet otherwise I would go crazy on spending the money for all that adorable stuff!