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November 28, 2010

Fab 10 Sunday

(…like Fab 5 Friday, but a couple of days late…)

This week just flew by! We made the arduous trek to Sweet Home Alabama for the Thanksgiving holiday. Three turkey dinners in three cities in 24 hours was a bit of a marathon, but we made some awesome memories. And of course there were plenty of fabulous moments scattered throughout!

1) I would guess that the girls have an 80% accuracy in identifying their colors. I was so surprised when I asked Baby B what color a particular toy was, expecting she would say “blue”. She more specifically told me it was turkis” (turquoise)! We have a handful of toys that color, which I’ve named for the girls, but I had no idea they were paying that kind of attention!

2) I love listening to the girls’ “stream of consciousness”-type conversations over the monitor when they wake up. And I never know what kind of greeting I’m going to get when I walk in their room. It’s usually some random observation about what I’m wearing, like, “Mommy…purple socks!

3) The girls have learned to say their full names (first and last). They’ll answer correctly for themselves, but when asked about each other, they say, “Sissy [Last Name]”. And I am “Mommy [Last Name]”, of course.

4) I worked with the girls to say, Happy Turkey Day! They were quite happy to extend those wishes to our family this week…so precious in their little baby voices!

5) The girls experienced so many new foods this week. I’m not thrilled that Baby A seems to have struck up a love affair with yeast rolls, but I’ve gotta admit that the girl has good taste!

6) After the many indulgences over the Thanksgiving holiday, I was a little worried that the girls wouldn’t want Mommy’s healthy fruits and veggies when we got back home. I was so thankful to see their little eyes light up when I served them steamed zucchini.

7) When we got home from our road trip, the girls made a beeline for their toys. They both grabbed their baby dolls and smothered them in hugs. Unprompted, Baby A said, Miss you, Baby!

8) Anytime during our trip we got in the car, Baby B would ask, Home to Sasha? Two minutes? It was a little pitiful, but so cute and funny that she seemed so ready to get home to the kitty cat.

9) Saturday was quite chilly, but I was really itching to get the girls out for a stroller ride. I bundled them up tight in fuzzy pink jackets, zipped up their bright pink stroller blankets, and put on pink fleece mittens for the first time this season. I almost tripped several times, as I couldn’t take my eyes off the girls. They were too cute in varying shades of pink…and it was heeee-larious to see them holding their mitten-donned hands in front of their faces like foreign objects.

10) Seeing the girls enjoying my family…and seeing my family enjoying my girls…priceless.


Mandy said...

I really think you are everything a long to be in a mother! I just need my girls to be a little older so I can soak up the fruits of my labors. I love reading about what you're girls are up to! Glad you had a great(and many) turkey days! I was glad we only had two this year, and a week apart at that!

And for the record, I would kill for my girls to eat zucchini! I could actually plant and use them all!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

aaaaawwww, Mandy is SWEET!

Glad you had such a fantastic time! As you saw on my blog, I am not a fan of travel (well, with kids!)

So glad you wrote about the random stuff they say - I thought it was just my kids who talk "nonsense" in the mornings, like "belly button" (looking for mine!) or "baaaaa" for my sheep pajama bottoms :)

Andrea said...

Hi Mandi! It sounds like your turkey day was filled with many heartfilled memories..,,yes I agree it is priceless. I love reading what the girls are up to. My kids only know their primary colors, so that is awesome they are already getting the "other" colors. I am totally going to try them out on Molly and Luke. Molly gets black and white mixed up. She always says the opposite, so I will work on the 2 colors with her. She gets them right for a few minutes. I will ask her again a few minutes later and we are back to where we started. It makes me laugh everytime. I think it is so sweet the girls were happy to be home. Puts everyting in perspective. Hope you have a great week, Andrea