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November 11, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

...and following are just a few things that made this week fabulous!

1) The weather has been nothing short of incredible this week...daytime highs in the 70's, with crisp, clear sunshine illuminating the still-brilliant leaves. The girls' playtime in the den has suffered a bit, as we've made every excuse to get out and about. Girls, oh girls, how I love fresh air!

2) Baby B volunteered her first phrase in Serbian this week, in context. "Let's go home!" she exclaimed from her car seat.

3) Baby A has taken a real interest in her dolls' digestive systems. She's spent a large amount of time this week "burping" them. "Burping baby!" she declares. Maybe it's all the "cookies" she's been feeding them...

4) I started singing, "Babe...I Got You, Babe..." (a la Sonny and Cher) to the girls over the weekend. At random from the backseat of the car, Baby B yelled, "I got it, Bay-ba!" Daddy and I laughed, she laughed, and then Baby A laughed. And that just prompted B to say it again and again. Hilarious!

5) I have been singing the same nighttime prayer to the girls since they were a few weeks old. Just this week, Baby A has started adding the sweetest little "Amen!" to the end of the prayer...and my heart melts into an itty bitty puddle every.single.time.

(One might think with all the singing I do that I have a nice singing voice, huh? Well, One would be terribly wrong. But I guess it goes to show that even the ongoing presence of tone-deaf singing can't put a damper on the fabulousness of the World of A & B.)


Jessica said...

We have had unseasonably nice weather here too, isnt' it nice to get out. First time stopping by through Multiples and More, your girls are adorable!

Tracy said...

I'm sure your singing voice is the most beautiful sound in the world to those babies!!!! PS. Thanks for the vote!!!!

Rebecca said...

So cute...I love the idea of singing the nighttime prayer.

Anonymous said...

and isn't it so nice that our kids don't care what we sound like? :)

sounds like a fab week!

reanbean said...

I'm so jealous of your warm weather. I know it will be many, many months before we get to enjoy weather like that up here in New England. I'm looking forward to the first snow, though. I'm not a huge fan of cold weather, but watching snow fall just feels so magical.

I love to sing too. I'm sure it won't be long before the kids realize I'm not always on key. :o)