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November 13, 2010

Companion Reader

A few weeks ago, I posted this picture of Baby B:

It literally makes me laugh out loud to see how hard she seems to be concentrating on the likes of Dr. Seuss.

Not to be outdone, I recently captured this shot of Baby A:

Once again, I can't help but cackle at the seriousness with which she seems to approach her introduction to the Disney characters.

"'Duck', huh? That certainly doesn't look like any duck I've ever seen. And why is she sitting beside what is called a 'Mouse'? And
why would such creatures pretend to eat pizza? Very strange...very strange, indeed."

If you could see the extremely poor condition of these books, you'd understand that they've been "loved" a lot in our house over the past few months. While it's still akin to nails across a chalkboard for me seeing a page bent the wrong way, I feel strongly about books being a big part of the girls' environment. I want them to feel like having a book in hand is only natural.

And if I do say so, they're at least posing like experts.


Anonymous said...

we love books at our house, too. there are a few in particular that get fought over on a daily basis. least they are loved...


reanbean said...

I've got lots of photos like those too. I often tell my kids what good readers they are whenever I see them showing signs of pre-reading skills. Both of my kids have several books that they can now read from memory. They don't read them word for word, but they've got the big ideas. I love to watch them enjoying their books. I know I'll be over the moon when they actually start reading. I just hope they'll develop a love for reading the way T and I have.