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May 1, 2013

Super Stuff!

Lots more SUPER stuff, for which I am very thankful!

1)      It’s been quite a while since the girls played with their train set.  We got it out when M&C came to play last week, and then we’ve played with it a couple of times since then.  With the new furniture arrangement, the girls loved making the track extend around the armchair.  And I loved watching them try new, more complex configurations.  I love watching my little engineers at work!

2)      Likewise, the girls hadn’t been playing much with their baby dolls lately.  They’ve been really focused instead on a handful of smaller stuffed animals – two bears (Honey and Whitey); two dogs (Smarty and Brownie); and their new kitties (Kitten and Callie).  One day they took right up with Abby and Lily, though, as they used to.  It was so sweet to hear my babies whispering those sweet nothings to their babies’ once gain.

3)      I was in the drive-thru at the bank, and the teller had the biggest smile on her face.  She finally said, “I just have to tell you how adorable your child is.  She has her feet propped on the back of your seat, just like she’s propped up in a recliner.”  While I’d prefer the girls to sit with their feet hanging down, I have to admit it was pretty cute.

4)      On Friday afternoon, we’d planned to meet Daddy at the park after school, but it started raining earlier than we anticipated.  We decided to go to the mall and walk around a bit.  I just love how something as simple as riding the carousel makes the girls’ eyes sparkle so brightly, their smiles as big as ever.

5)      On Saturday afternoon, I got the girls down for a nap and headed to Nashville to meet Aunt Alison for a couple of hours.  I left everything out for Daddy to give the girls a snack, with instructions to order a pizza for supper.  When I got home, I was met with The Hugest Hugs…very excited, “Mommy, I missed you!!!’s”…and, “Daddy gave us Fig Newtons!!!  It’s the little things!

6)      On Sunday we’d planned to eat out to lunch, but B just didn’t want to go.  Daddy offered to take Baby A out, while B and I stayed home, and our “dates” worked out so well.  B and I made strawberry bread, and she was such a big help!  She followed directions so well, getting things from the pantry, adding ingredients, and then cleaning up.  Then we had a little snuggle time before I fixed what she wanted for lunch (a peanut butter sandwich, in the shape of a butterfly). 

7)      While B and I were home, Daddy had such an awesome time with A.  He couldn’t quit talking about what a little lady she was…eating so nicely, and then enjoying a super-special ice cream treat (which Mommy NEVER would have allowed before nap time!).  And Baby A was so excited to tell me how they brought her half of the mushroom and artichoke pizza on a plate, just for her…and how the lady at the ice cream shop made a face on the scoop of ice cream with sprinkles.  While Mommy missed her Sunday lunch out, it was really a big win-win-win for all of us.

8)      Both girls can button and unbutton things pretty well, but Baby A gets particular joy from the activity.  I noticed B got her pajamas on unusually quickly one night, and A told me, “I unbuttoned Sissy’s pajamas for her.”  So sweet!

9)      I overheard A trying to persuade B to do something, “…OK, little tiny baby sissy?  Hahaha!!!

10)   B was on the phone, recounting our morning grocery trip to her daddy during lunch: "We bought Red Delicious apples! They're bright red, and I know they'll be delicious!"

11)   One of the girls’ classmates gave them miniature compasses one day at school.  They have had SO much fun with them, telling me which direction each window faces.  And then, “Mommy, I turned around, and north is still that way!

12)   B had really been pushing buttons one afternoon.  She was sitting in time-out, and with red eyes she began singing the Beatles' “Yesterday”…off-key…”my troubles seemed so far away…now it seems that they are here to stay…oh, I believe in yesterday.  That definitely broke the tension, as how could anyone keep from laughing???


Mrs FF said...

OMW Mandy! I cracked up laughing too I can just picture her singing that song with a sad look on her face :) :)

And yes they are becoming little ladies

Marcia (123 blog) said...

So I would have RUN for my iphone and videod it :)

I love that song - must have been such a sight to see!

Love all the conversations and I maintain that 1:1 twin time is the BEST THING EVER!

cat said...

Oh Yesterday.... I can imagine the cuteness. All sort of other cuteness too