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April 28, 2013

One Way or Another!

Alison is my bestest friend.

We went to college together, and although we haven't lived in the same city since, we've somehow managed to stay in touch on a regular basis, and we see each other whenever we can manage it.

That wasn't too hard before we started having kiddos.  The frequency wasn't high, but we had some really fun girls' weekends together.

When the girls were infants, Alison came to visit a couple of times.  The first time, they were seven weeks old, and it was the greatest have another couple of hands in taking care of them, of course...but even more so to have a few glimpses of "girl time" be reminded that I was once -- and would be again one day -- defined by more than diapers and wipes and feeding schedules.

When the girls were five months old, Alison visited again.  She helped me get those babies out on the town, as we took them for lunch at my favorite sushi restaurant.  And then she encouraged me to get them out of the master bedroom from time to time.  :)  Following her visit, I started spending more time in the den with them...on the floor...gasp!

Alison planned another visit when the girls were about seven months old...but shortly before she learned she was expecting her own sweet Baby A.

We had a lull in our visits for a few months, but I did manage to sneak away for about 10 hours when my girls were 14 months first time to leave them!  I made a crazy down-and-back trip to Sweet Home Alabama for Alison's baby shower.

Since that time, we've somehow managed to see each other every few months.  We always find each other on our trips to Alabama, and then we've managed a handful of meet-ups somewhere in between my house and hers.

In August 2010, when Alison's Baby A was four months old, we met up for lunch in north Alabama, roughly halfway between our houses.  It was a long way to go for lunch...but oh, so worth it for some one-on-one time with Alison!!!

In May 2011, Alison and her hubby were on their first weekend away since their A was born, and we met them for lunch in Nashville.  In addition to catching up with Alison, it was a memorable trip for us, too...the first time we left the city limits after my A potty-trained...her first public potty experience!

In April 2012, Alison met us for a mid-morning snack in Huntsville, when we were down for my cousin's wedding.

And yesterday, we logged our first one-on-one time since 2010, when I sneaked away for the afternoon to meet Alison in Nashville.  She and her hubby were up for a concert.  While I'd originally thought we'd make a family event out of it, it occurred to me late Friday night that I might be able to con Hubby into taking the afternoon duty while I had some girl time.

It was wonderful, as always...recharging for the soul.  And I am so thankful I got to see Alison with Baby O before he is scheduled to make his appearance in a couple of months.

Here's to many, many more, there, and way or another! 

(And I might just be looking forward to when we may one day get another chance at a girls' weekend...or at least a girls' night!)

So thankful for my Alison!!!


Anonymous said...

LOVE this! So important to be more than "just a mom". I've been a strong believer for a long time in the value of true friendships. Yes, it's work to maintain, but so SO worth it!!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you both prioritise your friendship and make the effort to see one another.

Just so inspiring :)