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May 12, 2013

A Mother's Day Interview

As part of my Mother's Day gift, I asked Hubby to poll the girls with the same set of questions they answered a year ago.  Some of the results were the same, and all were just as fun.  Of course I can't capture their baby speak here in black and white, but I'll admit [again!] that I hid at the top of the steps to listen to their answers.

If your mommy were an animal, what kind would she be?
A: a cow
B: a horse
[Um, thanks???  I can only say that the girls hold cows and horses in high regard, so I guess I'll take it!]

What is Mommy’s favorite TV show?
A: Sasha show
B: Too Cute
[A "Sasha show" is what we call it when our cat shows out for us.  I loved that answer!  And "Too Cute" (on The Animal Planet) is the only TV show the girls have ever seen / have ever known me to no surprise there.]

My mommy is as pretty as……………
A: a flower
B: a flower
[Awww!!!  Last year, they each said I was as pretty as they are, which had me in stitches.]

I love my Mommy because...............
A: she's sweet.
B: she makes good food. 

My mommy says the most important rule is……………
A: to play nicely
B: to be careful
[They ARE listening!]

What does your mommy do while you are napping?
A: she works
B: she exercises
[I was glad to hear them not say, "She plays on Pinterest and eats bon-bons."  Hahaha!]

What food does your mommy make best?
A: zucchini
B: waffles

My favorite thing to do with my mommy is……………
A: play with her
B: read
[These are the exact same answers as last sweet!]

Nobody is better than my mommy at…………
A: cooking
B: cooking

What makes your mommy laugh?
A: when I do funny things
B: everything

We kicked off the day with a very rare breakfast out, which was such a nice treat.  I got flowers, a card, and chocolate from the hubs, and the girls each made me a card in preschool that had me crying at the crack of dawn.  Happy Mother's Day to me!!!

And this blog post would be incomplete if I didn't wish a very Happy Mother's Day to all my mommy friends...who inspire me, cheer me on, and generally help keep me sane.  I am blessed to be part of an awesome community of strong women!

Self-portrait at the zoo yesterday.  I need longer arms!  :)  :)


Charlene Juliani said...

So cute!

Deanna said...

I love it! They obviously think you are a very, very good cook...I see that represented a couple of different times. : )

Happy Mother's Day!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

So sweet!!! I love it!