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May 2, 2013

These are the Days!!!

I've been taking the girls outside since they were about two-and-a-half months old.  For the most part, I've tried to incorporate some kind of fresh air as much as possible, weather permitting, of course.

For the first year and a half, the girls' outside time was mostly spent in their stroller.  We'd take little family toddles around the circle in front of our house, but we didn't log any significant walking distance -- everybody on foot -- until the girls were a little more than two.

We've been stretching our legs out more and more since that time.  The girls can now walk a couple of miles with long as we keep their pace (not mine!).

The summer the girls were two-and-a-half, we began actually **playing** outside.  The girls loved running around in the backyard, and they were in heaven when we got their bubble mowers.

Still, that time outside was so far from relaxing.  I was constantly in fear that the girls would eat some mulch, or run into a tree, or run in the opposite direction from each other.  I had to keep my eyes fully peeled every single moment.  And it seemed like we didn't get far into our play before someone would have to come inside to use the potty, which was a major production.

Last summer, the girls were definitely easier to manage outside.  I was less afraid of them doing something harmful or disgusting, and I was more trusting of their ability to follow my directions.  Still, our outside playing ventures usually didn't last all that long.

This year, though (in the handful of truly nice days we've had), things are SO MUCH FUN!  The girls are much more easily entertained outside...they still love their bubble mowers...they can play catch...and tag...and follow the leader...they enjoy their beanbag toss...and they even like to hide Easter eggs on occasion.  They like to kick the soccer ball (MUCH to Daddy's delight!).  And they've FINALLY learned to blow bubbles!  Woo hoo!!!

It's going to be a great summer, I know!  I can even foresee needing a lawn chair at some point (probably still in the distant future), as I might even be able to sit down one day!

Here are some of my picture spoils from yesterday's romp in the side yard.  :)

Baby A...I LOVE the face she makes when she blows bubbles!

Baby B, balancing a bubble...

...until Sissy popped it!

And Daddy got home just in time to kick the ball around!
There's hardly anything sweeter than these sweet baby girls in the warm sunshine!


Mrs FF said...

YAY to soccer (or football as we call it around here)! Go A! Go B!!

Those bubble faces are too cute. And I never thought of doing a balancing act with a bubble, hmmm I see a new party trick brewing there ;)

Here's to many more fun days outside in Summer

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Mrs FF, we do call it soccer too :)

Love the pics!!! And especially love that they can play soccer with their daddy.

PS get the lawn chair, a side table for your drink and a book!

Anonymous said...

:) love these pictures.

i noticed the same thing the last few weeks. in fact, i did some YARD WORK while we were all outside. how crazy is THAT?? the only rule was that i had to be able to see them! (we don't have a fenced yard at all). i'm still a LONG way from letting them be outside without me. (it might never happen).