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May 14, 2013

Super Stuff!

It’s been such a sweet week, and I’ve found myself being even more reflective than usual.  Perhaps it was Mother’s Day on Sunday…I don’t know…but I’ve just been feeling super blessed at the time spent with my baby girls.  Here are some of our SUPER highlights…

1)      The girls were such helpers when we made cookies on Tuesday afternoon.  I was amazed how well they rolled the dough into balls…and they didn’t even try to eat any!

2)      On Wednesday we sure enjoyed the preschool field trip to the mini-farm of one of their classmates.  Every time I think back to it, I just smile.

3)      The girls and I have been making faces at each other in the mirror lately, usually when I’m fixing their hair.  I thought to ask them if they could roll their tongue in the shape of an “o”.  (I remember from science class that that’s a dominant / recessive trait…either you can do it or you can’t.)  Baby A accomplished the task, after quite a bit of trying.  She was SO PROUD of herself!  And I couldn’t quit laughing at her running around with her rolled-up tongue.

4)      On Thursday, I took the girls to the bead store.  The owner, Miss Emily, has been encouraging me to bring them for quite a while, but I’ve been skeptical.  There are SO many teeny-tiny bits and beads…everywhere…and I could envision the worst of trying to sit down and make something with the girls.  They did such an amazing job, though!  They chose a few handfuls of beads, mostly from the section of chunky wooden baubles.  They sat so patiently and strung their beads, choosing one after the next with a lot of care.  I couldn’t believe when I looked at my watch and we’d been there almost TWO HOURS!

5)      The girls both wore the necklaces they’d made home from the store.  In the car, B asked if we would keep their necklaces in their jewelry bin, where they have some plastic necklaces and bracelets and rings.  I told her we’d find a special place for them.  Unlike the necklaces you have in your jewelry bin, these are real.  If we go to the grocery store, and you want to wear your necklace, you can.”  B exclaimed, “THEY’RE REAL?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She was so very happy!

6)      The next day we had a couple of errands to run, and the girls wore their necklaces out and about.  They got so many compliments on them, and B made sure to tell everyone, I made it, and it’s REAL!

7)      The girls were playing "elephant party" (???) one morning. From the other room, I heard A exclaim in a very animated way, "I'm having all sorts of fun!"  I love the enthusiasm!

8)      On Friday we had an appointment to get our hair cut.  The girls were so patient in the salon, and we celebrated with lunch out.  They chose to try one of the new pasta dishes at Panera.  They were such good company!  We had a great lunch.

9)      On Friday afternoon I had several things to do in the kitchen, and I let the girls help me make chocolate chip cookie dough dip, guacamole, and a cucumber salad.  After they patiently watched me chop the ingredients for the guacamole, I decided I would teach them to use the vegetable peeler to peel the cucumbers for our salad.  I held the cucumber with them, but they quickly became proficient in peeling it.  Score!

10)   I took the girls to the zoo by myself on Saturday, for the first time.  They were super well-behaved, making for such a fun-filled morning.  For lunch we went to a huge mall, having one particular restaurant in mind.  There was quite a wait there, though…and we were hungry! on a whim I took the girls to Johnny Rockets.  They had a blast sitting at the counter, watching the cooks grill burgers.  They each enjoyed half of an original burger, a tomato slice, and half of a banana.  I even let them try a few of my sweet potato fries, and they loved that, too.  It was such a fun experience!

With Baby A, on the carousel.

With Baby B, on the carousel.

Mommy and her baby girls!!!

11)   On Sunday afternoon, we took the girls to a park across town, one we hadn’t been to since last fall.  Baby B had the HUGEST smiles on her face when she was swinging.  And I was nothing short of amazed to see Baby A scale the rock wall BY HERSELF! 
Such a strong, brave girl!  But you can see Daddy's not far away!

12)   The girls made Mother’s Day cards at preschool.  I couldn’t help but CRY as I read the poem attached to it.  Those were the first cards they ever made, totally independent of me!

13)   The girls still made cards for me on Sunday.  B was explaining what she drew: “I drew a little plant that has nectar in it. The ladybug is going to sip the juice from the flower.”  I love the details!

14)   Sharing doesn’t always go super smoothly at our house, but sometimes it does.  I had to write down this particular exchange:

A: "Sissy, I think you have played with that maybe long enough...I'm not sure."
B: "No, Sissy, I'm still playing. I'm not done yet."
A: "Well then, when you're finished, will you please, pleeeease give them back to me."
B: "Yes, I will, Sissy."

15)   In the backseat of the car one day, the girls were talking about when they grow up.  I will have two babies, plus Abby [her baby doll],” said A.  And I will have two babies, plus Lily.  I will change their diapers and give them milk.”  Sounds like they’ve got it all planned out!

So thankful for my sweeties!

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Marcia (123 blog) said...

LOVE the stripes on all of you!!! So glad you're perfecting the art of the self-portrait :) :) I might just have figured it out on my iphone finally!!!

And wait, Panera now sells pasta too?