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May 15, 2013

Super Size is Twin Size!

Over the past year, the girls have really gotten into coloring.  They love coloring books and activity books, and we go through lots of drawing and construction paper, too.  Throw in some scissors, tape, and stickers, and at times the girls will occupy themselves for an hour.

One thing that's been a really fun addition to the mix is a couple of gigantic coloring books.  Most recently I found one at the dollar store...score! 

I love that the girls can easily color together, and even I can even join in the mix, too.  I love to see the girls shifting around each other to reach a certain part of the picture, and figuring out their game plan as to who will color what.

It's amazing how good the girls have gotten (most of the time) at coloring within the lines.  It continues to crack me up, though, at the colors they choose.

[And I feel bad enough encouraging them to "color inside the lines"...I just can't bring myself, beyond modeling "proper" colors, to suggest that a cat wouldn't likely have pink eyes.]

The super-size coloring books have added to their color "creativity".  Check out this poor pup!

(Pardon the Margaritaville magnet holding it on the 'fridge...oopsie!)


 These girlies make me smile!


Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

That's some pretty awesome fridge art! I like the multicolor pieces, and will be a little sad when my girls start coloring brown dogs with black spots on green grass. For now, our art looks a lot like A & B's. :)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I LOVE THE FRIDGE ART. More than that, I love that you put it up!

I'm so bad, I just put it straight into their boxes

Mandy said...

At least it made it to the fridge. Ours goes straight to recycle unless they hanging it up.

I also cringe at color usage, but I tell myself it's something to aspire to! One day not everything will be purple, right??

Margaritaville! Haha!