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May 25, 2013

Embarking on Uncharted Territory!

I finally made the decision.  We are embarking on uncharted territory this summer…I signed the girls up for a tumbling class!

The girls’ first introduction to “structure” was preschool this year.  They’ve done so well with that, loving every minute of it.  But outside of swimming lessons last summer (which seems to fall into a different category), we have yet to participate in any organized sports.

The girls love to be outside, to run and jump and play.  They love to kick the soccer ball, too…but only for a few minutes.  I know that many sports programs start as young as three, but it just hasn’t felt like the right time for us yet.

I have a few friends whose kiddos have done tumbling, and the idea of channeling the girls’ energy into something physical, maybe helping them become more physically aware of themselves, has appeal to me.

Our friends K&K take gymnastics at a gym on our side of town, and I know they love it.  I checked out the other facilities in our city, but their gym had the most appeal to me.  I stopped by to talk to them earlier in the week, and then I asked the girls if they’d like to do some tumbling this summer.

The term “tumbling” didn’t otherwise have much meaning to them, I don’t imagine, but their eyes lit up, just the same.  We went on Thursday afternoon to turn in their registration paperwork.  They got to check out the gym, and they got to meet one of their teachers.

The teacher was between dance classes, so she got down a padded mat for the girls to see.  She offered to help them with a somersault, but they were a little nervous about that.  Since we got home, though, they’ve been asking me to somersault every chance they get.  HA!

The girls will need to wear a leotard (over which I confirmed they can wear shorts) for class.  We went shopping yesterday and found two pink leotards.  Nearby there were some “yoga shorts”, which looked perfect to me.  The girls each picked out a pair, but we continued to look around.  When we spied some knit “running shorts” (solid with white trim), they were IN LOVE.  They ran to put back the yoga shorts and pick colors for their exercise shorts.

The girls tried on their leotards last night, along with their shorts.  They giggled getting into the leotards, and Baby A kept referring to it as a “onesie”.  HA!  They’ve talked a lot about their shorts, too.  Mommy, when I’m not in tumbling class, I can wear those shorts for exercising, or jogging, right?  It just tickles me that they’re so giddy about having “exercise shorts” like Mommy and Daddy (as if their other knit shorts aren’t fit for exercising).

I may be a bit nervous at this endeavor (although I know everything will be fine, and I’m excited I’ll be able to stay and watch their classes)…but the girls are BEYOND thrilled!!!  They can hardly wait for the first week of June!  Cute pictures to come!


Mrs FF said...

I'm actually excited on their behalf too. And I know what they mean about getting excited over a piece of exercise outfit.

Ps: there must be some football (oopsy- soccer) watching today

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

You will have to keep us posted how it goes...would love to enroll Ave & Bryce in one! Have fun girlz!!

Mandy said...

Yay! I can't wait to see. There is currently a tumble class going on in my living room...

Anonymous said...

wahoo!! you guys will LOVE this, i'm sure! i was just at a friend's house where the daughter amazed me by doing a 30 second head stand in the middle of the room! :) (*I* want to be able to do that!!!).

i'm sure you guys will have a blast!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

You are brave :) I'd be screaming a bit all the time. ALready with my wild child (guess who?) I scream when I see the "gymnastics" as they call it!

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

I can't wait to hear how they LOVE it. Next up... soccer team, right? :)

Barbara Manatee said...

Fun!!!! The girls will love it! Both J&S took gymnastics classes since they were 3. This is J's first year not doing it - he chose chess and tball over gymnastics but Sarah is going back to gymnastics once dance is done in June. She is very excited!!

Sorry I've been MIA from blog world...trying to quick at least say hi in some of my fave places!!