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May 10, 2013

A Milestone of a Morning...and I Didn't Even Hyperventilate!

The girls experienced what I consider a major milestone this week...their first field trip!  We had SO much fun visiting the mini-farm of one of their classmates.

The day started out a bit on the cool, cloudy side, but Mother Nature smiled on us with some warm sunshine.  The day was simply perfect!

When we arrived, we had some free time to play on the family's awesome playground equipment.

B, just a' swingin'!

My climbing monkeys.

And this back-to-back swing was a HUGE hit with the girls!

Then it was time to line up to hear our instructions for the day.  I couldn't help but snap some pictures when the girls automatically held hands as they stood among their classmates.

The kids got to pet a few different animals...a duck, some baby chicks, and a guinea pig.

Petting the brave!

Then we got a tour of the chicken coop.

Their chickens are too young to lay eggs just yet, so "Farmer Jen" put plastic eggs in the hay for the kiddos to find.  They thought that was so much fun!

Then it was time for a scavenger hunt.

Checking out the worm that O found!
As a reward for completing the hunt, the girls got some bug-hunting paraphernalia.  Baby A got a bug collector cup, and B got a pair of binoculars.  Those have gotten hours of use already!

We had some craft time, including the opportunity to make stick horses for a horse race.  (That's a big deal in Kentucky!)

Then there was plenty of free time, and there was so much to see and do! 

The girls loved taking a ride in the barrel cars...

B is in the last car.

And they got to meet a few more animals, too.  B brushed this miniature pony, Buttercup, for such a long time!

Baby A got in on the action for a couple of minutes, too.

Baby A was just as taken with the scooter, though...

She was in heaven once she learned to ring the bell, too!

The last activity of the day was the horse race.  This also yielded my favorite pictures...

On your marks...get set...


The girls did their best to "gallop", but some of their classmates chose just to RUN!

At last we enjoyed another milestone, our first true picnic meal.  It was so sweet to see all the kiddos spread out, enjoying their lunches.  And D's mom topped off a brilliant morning with push-up pops for all the kiddos...another first.

The girls and I had such a great time...and I couldn't help but marvel how FUN it was for all of us.  Even nine months ago, I would have been pretty anxious, there by myself with the both of them.  Times are getting easier, though, and it's so nice to truly ENJOY such a fantastic morning together.

[The girls' preschool class has only eight kiddos.  Joining us were the two other classes, along with any siblings who chose to come.  That's why there were so many littles running around!]


Double the Giggles said...

I love A's face in the worm photo! What a hoot! Binoculars are a huge hit in our house, too. Sadly, the boys are using my good birding binoculars more than I am! (Guess we're both creating little naturalists!) Looks like everyone had a fantastic day at the farm!

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

What an awesome ft!!

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

How fun! What a sweet group of kids and a great place to visit. Sounds like a good 'get your feet wet' field trip. The stressful ones will start in elementary school. ;)

Love the snap of your babies casually holding on to one another. <3

Mrs FF said...

A truly fun and educative day out. Hope the girls don't want a real pony after this :)

I was wondering about the smaller children.

Charlene Juliani said...

Looks like a really fun trip!

Running with sticks..even if they are ponies...would have had me freaking out haha! You did good mama!