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May 4, 2013

Mama Loves...The Return of Puzzle Mania!

The girls got their first puzzle -- a big, chunky wooden one -- for their first birthday.  In some form or fashion, they've been playing with puzzles ever since.

We definitely go through stages...

There have been times when puzzles seem as second-nature as books.  The girls were putting together multiple puzzles in the course of a day.  Sometimes they'd work alone, sometimes together, and sometimes all three of us would gather over the scattered pieces.  With some of the more simple puzzles, we might take turns putting a piece in, or vow to work from the top row to the bottom, just to make things a little more challenging.

It seems we've been in a puzzle lull lately, though.  The girls would occasionally agree to a puzzle challenge, but it was rarely an activity they initiated themselves.

Over the past couple of days, though, puzzle mania is back in play at our house!

After a mid-afternoon family yogurt date on Monday (a reward for a great nap!), we walked next door to the Parent-Teacher Store.  Hubby spied something he's been looking for...a puzzle board!

The majority of our play still happens on the floor of the den, and that's not always conducive to putting together puzzles, especially the cheaper ones.  (I do love to shop for puzzles at the dollar can't beat the price!)

We've loosely been shopping for a puzzle board for a long time, to no avail.  Even online searches tend to point towards roll-up canvases, on which you can store a puzzle that is in progress.  And that's not what we need.

The object of Hubby's affection was a flat acrylic board on the counter of the store.  The lady behind the counter told him it was actually a puzzle "keeper", intended to top a puzzle so you could enjoy it after it was put together.

I cannot find a link to it online for some reason, but it's the Melissa and Doug brand, and was a very reasonable $9.95!

Here's a picture of Baby A this morning, having completed a 60-piece USA map puzzle, all by herself!

The pieces don't fit together super well on this puzzle, so to date it's been one that we've only managed to complete together.  My A was so proud of her accomplishment, and so was I!

And I might just be looking forward to the reintroduction of quiet puzzle play to our everyday.  :)

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Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

Brilliant. I HATE that puzzles don't come something to complete them on once you outgrow the wooden ones. I am off to find one! Thanks for the public service announcement. :)