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May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Interview

One of my blogger friends is pulling together a Mother’s Day post.  To participate, she posed a series of questions for our children to answer about us. 

I gave the list to Hubby for him to cover with the girls, one at a time, while I took a shower yesterday morning.  I was planning to head upstairs…but I couldn't help but perch on the steps to listen to the girls’ answers…they just cracked me up!

If your mommy were an animal, what kind would she be?
A: lion
B: elephant
[I think the idea of a mama lion is pretty fitting.  And while I wouldn’t normally be happy to be called an elephant, I guess I’ll take it since that’s B’s favorite zoo animal these days.]

What is Mommy’s favorite TV show?
A: soccer
B: elephants
[We don’t watch TV in front of the girls, so they would have no clue about this.  I thought they would say “weather”, since I’ve turned on the radar a couple of times during storms.  Soccer is Daddy’s favorite thing to watch…not sure about elephants!]

My mommy is as pretty as……………
A: Baby A
B: Baby B
[Hahaha!  They think a lot of themselves and/or me, I guess!]

I love my Mommy because...............
A: I just do! (followed by a fit of giggles)
B: of Sasha
[Sasha is our cat…no clue what she meant!]

My mommy says the most important rule is……………
A: to sleep!
B: to sleep!
[Yes, yes, YES!!!  Now, if they would just heed that rule!!!]

What does your mommy do while you are napping?
A: files stuff
B: files things
[This cracks me up!  I do sometimes file, but I wouldn’t classify myself as a chronic filer, or anything!]

What food does your mommy make best?
A: eggs
B: sweet potatoes

My favorite thing to do with my mommy is……………
A: play with her
B: reading
[Awww…be still my heart!]

Nobody is better than my mommy at…………
A: making eggs
B: cooking

What makes your mommy laugh?
A: Laughing at me.
B: When I do something funny.

On top of hearing their super-sweet answers, a nice visit downtown and a good lunch together...the girls napped for almost TWO HOURS yesterday...during which I took a nap for MORE THAN AN HOUR!!!  Happy Mother's Day to me, indeed!!!

And Happy Mother's Day to my many wonderful mommy friends who inspire me every day.


Marcia (123 blog) said...

OH thank you for the laughs - I love that you're a chronic filer (please come do mine)) and your rules are around sleep. I think mine would say things about food like "no bib, no food" or "fruit first" :)

I've just read a post that made me SOB (seriously, the ugly cry) - it's here

Do you know what made ME cry? It's not the thing that made the lady cry :)

Julia said...

Wow! I need your secret for making eggs! Apparently they are amazing :)

This is so sweet, Mandy! It will be so much fun to compare these answers with next year's.

I hope my girls identify that sleep is mama's biggest rule too! Good grief! :)

A whole hour to nap! Heavenly!! :)

Happy Mother's Day to you, sweet Mandy!! :)

Johanna Baker said...

I guess we need to come for a visit to try those famous eggs! Happy Mother's Day!

Mandy said...

I really think I need to steal this! This was so cute!

Mandy said...

I really think I need to steal this! This was so cute!

Charlene said...

I loved reading their answers they cracked me up! And they weren't the only ones who said their mom was as pretty as an don't feel bad!

So happy you did this with me :)

Barbara Manatee said...

I love this! I did something just like this with my kiddos today. One for their grandma and one for me. They fizzled out after Grandma's so we didn't make it all the way through mine but we'll finish it tomorrow and I'll post later this week. So fun to see inside their lil minds!!

And...we had an early dinner and the mention of eggs makes me want to go scramble some now! ha!

Beth said...

Love this!

I had to interview my crew and may post their replies. So funny to hear their view thoughts on us :-)

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!