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March 29, 2013

Easter...(WAY BACK) Then and (Closer to) Now

While it's nothing in comparison to the +1,100 pictures I've taken SO FAR this month (!!!), by the standards of the day, there are oodles of pictures of me from when I was a little girl.

I only have a handful in my possession, though.

As I was thinking about the Easters of my youth, I remembered Aunt GG had sent me a picture of the two of us -- I'm guessing I was about 14 months old -- at Easter.

This was taken at my grandparents' house, where we always spent Easter Sunday.

I'm guessing that was a hand-sewn, hand-smocked dress...and my mom liked them short so you could see my ruffled bloomers.  :)

Here are the girls at about the same age. 

Old or new...there's nothing like looking back at pictures to remind you of fun times.

Looking forward to recording another Easter in the books this weekend!


Marcia (123 blog) said...

oh, the cuteness is too much!!!

Demaragreg said...

Oh, you soooo should have wore the same outfit to our house.

cat said...

Oh how very very cute are these!

Anonymous said...