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March 5, 2013

Super Stuff on a Monday / Tuesday

Even though I'm late to note it, I'm so thankful for another week full of notable notes!

1)      The girls have [FINALLY!] started asking, “How are you?” on the phone.  It’s so stinkin’ adorable to listen to them…another element in such an “adult”-sounding conversation.

2)      The girls and I agreed we’d put up our snow-related books the end of this past week.  (Little did we know it was March 2nd that we’d finally get SNOW!)  I told them we’d read “Frosty the Snowman” one last time on Thursday night.  I sat down with them on either side…but instead they read to ME!  They recited almost every single line, word for word, in almost-perfect unison.  It was the best present ever!

3)      On Saturday, we finally had a little bit of snow…on a day when my girlies weren’t fighting the sniffles.  It wasn’t nearly enough for a snowman, but the girlies and I still enjoyed a peaceful walk through the neighborhood, and some good snow-stompin’ when we got home.  And the girls were seriously excited for some homemade hot chocolate after our romp in the snow.

4)      The girls were talking (at random) about Halloween.  I asked if they’d thought about what they want to be.  B said, “A kitty cat,” which is not a huge surprise.  Baby A said, “A pudu! We’d just looked up a series of animals out of a new book (“Hug Time”) and she’s brought up the pudu several times.  It is some kinda cute, and I’m sure she’d make an adorable pudu…HA!  Now if only Old Navy will stock that costume…

5)      On a related note, B showed me her drawing pad one morning.  Look, Mommy!  I drew a giraffe and a baobab tree!  I love seeing how the girls incorporate new knowledge into their playtime.

6)      The girls and I had to pick up something at the toy store on Sunday, and they asked if they could look around.  We rarely “browse” in any kind of store, so I decided that would be OK.  They did such a great job looking at things, but not asking to buy anything!  In the seasonal aisle, we spotted the cutest spotted ladybug Frisbee…a soft one that felt like the girls just might be able to use.  I couldn’t resist…and we’ve already had so much (indoor) fun with it.  The girls have seen their daddy and me play Frisbee several times (we’re pretty competitive!), and they can’t wait to join in the fun.  I’ve been impressed with their “form” – relative to throwing in our den – and their incessant giggles just top it off.  I can’t wait to get outside with them!!!

7)      After a week of unseasonably cold weather, Monday was relatively mild.  We had a fantastic walk through the neighborhood, on which we saw a record 12 DOGS.  I love-love-love how the girlies delight in seeing the neighbors’ pets…they coo and make the sweetest gestures.

8)      I had to run to the post office on Monday afternoon, and the girls were golden.  Not only did they wait patiently while I had to fill out a form and address and envelope, but they were polite and conversational with the ladies behind the counter.  It certainly doesn’t always happen that way…but it’s nice when it does!!!

9)      I finally remembered to write down something that makes me chuckle without fail…when the girls play hide-and-seek, they always count in Serbian.  When A gets to 14, she always interjects “turtle” into the middle of the word...too cute!!!  And both girls call their Uncle Vladimir, “Gladimir”…HA!

10)   And a couple of my favorite quotes of the week…

A: "Mommy, seven is more than six." Yes, you're right. Having seven cookies is more than having six cookies. "Yes, but you would never give me seven cookies."  She’s got it!!!

B, to A: "Sissy, you need to eat like a Galapagos turtle!" We had been reading that Galapagos turtles eat very contrast to Baby A, who sometimes seems to be practicing for an "all you can eat" contest. ;)   


Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

Just to mess with her, you should bake itty-bitty tiny cookies and give her seven. ;)

And, I love that they are reading to you. That is one of the best parts of my day. Stories are so much cuter in a baby voice, aren't they?

Amanda said...

So sweet! Glad to back following and writing!

cat said...

A giraffe and a boabab tree? That girl need to come and visit us.

Mrs FF said...

Galapagos turtle - really!!! Too cute.

They sure are becoming little ladies