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March 18, 2013

Super Stuff on a Monday

Very thankful for another super-filled week!

1)      The girls have been pretty proficient at writing their uppercase letters for a long time now.  This week, they’ve been very intent on practicing their lowercase letters.  They’re doing really well, and I never get enough of seeing their concentration.

2)      As a break from writing, I was working with the girls on some simple drawings.  I would draw something, like a bird, or a turtle, explaining as I went.  It was so fun to erase what I’d done and then see their attempts.  Most were really recognizable!

3)      We used to do this frequently, but we’d gotten out of the habit.  One day, as we were running errands, I re-introduced the idea of “counting syllables” to the girls.  Whereas we used to count words, they’ve been fixated on counting full sentences for the past few days.  They can’t seem to get enough!  It’s a great math exercise, too.

4)      On Thursday I had to meet with the builder at the new house for a few minutes.  I set the girls up in the car (in the driveway) with drawing pads and some magazines.  I was so incredibly proud how patiently they played…and I had to cackle when I opened the door to find all sorts of coupons from the magazines thrown over the front seats.  Mommy, we found coupons for you!

5)      I bought the girls some Crayola colored pencils this week, and they are IN LOVE.  They now have the precision of their skinny markers…in a non-messy form…and I think I am IN LOVE, too.  They’ve drawn some really intricate things, and they love to practice writing.

6)      The girls didn’t have school on Thursday, and I told them we’d have a special day.  They wanted to go to lunch at Cambridge Market, my favorite little bakery…and that was fine by me!  It makes me smile at what a grown-up lunch they ordered…a chicken salad sandwich on toasted swirl rye, a bowl of white bean chowder, and a cup of fresh fruit.  And they ate every morsel!

7)      I was completely astonished on Saturday morning…Daddy had run an errand and called on his way home.  We were talking about what we should do, and I said to him, “What do you think about K-I-T-E?” since it was a windy day.  Baby B thought for a moment, and then exclaimed, “K-I-T-E spells ‘kite’!  Mommy, let’s go to the park with our kites!  Seriously.  I could not believe it!!!  The word ‘kite’ is part of one of their word puzzle sets, but it’s not anything we’ve ever focused on.  These little sponges amaze me!

 8)      On Saturday, blessed with more warm weather, we opted for a family hike at the local state park.  We hadn’t been since the fall, and it was so nice to hit all the trails.

9)      On Sunday, we had such a fun time celebrated St. Patrick’s Day.  The highlight for the girls was helping me make pretzel-M&M shamrocks…and they looked so stinkin’ cute in their aprons!

10)   B was on the verge of making a poor decision, and I gave her a very stern "mama look". I almost could not contain myself when she stared right back with the same expression...yikes!

11)   Baby A is still enjoying her little notebook, and her interest has really been piqued since getting her colored pencils.  This morning while I was making breakfast, she asked me how to write, “There was a very loud thunderstorm last night.”  It took some time…and three pages!...but she did it!

12)   And some of my favorite quotes from the week…

B: "Mommy, what protein are we having for breakfast?"
B: "Sissy, let's have a talk for a sec."
B: "Mommy, did God make Dr. Seuss thousands of years ago?" We have some work to do on the concept of time...and it's funny to see the girls try to synthesize the books we read, including some in Genesis, and a Dr. Seuss dinosaur book.

A: "Mommy, look! Eleven is ten fingers and one toe!"

Looking forward to another super week with my super little ladies!

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Mrs FF said...

The girls are growing up too fast!!! Eleven is indeed ten fingers and one toe (very smart)