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March 25, 2013

Super Stuff on a Monday

Lots of super stuff to fill our week!

1)      As I was making breakfast one morning, Baby A was telling me a very long, very involved story.  It was about her puppy Bingo and his older twin brothers and his new baby brother.  One part she kept repeating was, “I took him to the hospital every day so he could pick one [new brother] out.”  She went for at least 20 minutes…and I think it was one big long run-on sentence.  I loved it!!!

2)      Baby A cracks me up.  She has been pretending a lot lately about new babies (usually stuffed animals) being born.  She says, “When they were getting born”, though…and I don’t really have the heart to correct her.  It’s so adorable in her little raspy voice.

3)      The girls have recently picked up a couple of new games at school.  They’ve been playing “Red Light / Green Light” while chasing each other, and also “Freeze!”  They roped me into a game of Freeze one day…unfortunately while we were coming down the steps.  I played along (because it was so cute!), but we had to remind ourselves of the rule that we don’t play on the steps.  Still, I love these games...and have since I was about their age.

4)      The girls seem to have been fixated on “rhombuses” this week.  We were looking through their letter books from preschool, and B was naming each letter.  Instead of “D is for ‘dots’ and ‘diamond’”, she said, “D is for ‘dots’ and ‘rhombus’”…HA!  And while I was having some one-on-one time with A on Thursday, she saw an argyle pattern on the wall of the café.  Rhombuses!” she exclaimed excitedly. 

5)      One night as the girls were cleaning the den after supper, Baby A finished her chores, while B was dragging around, playing.  Of her own accord, A said to B, I’m not helping you until you start working.”  HA!

6)      I heard B flipping through the pages of a book one morning.  I asked her what she was doing.  I’m just looking for Rockefeller Center,” she said nonchalantly.  I think these girls are as ready for a NYC trip as their mama!

7)      On Wednesday, the technical first day of spring, the girls both tossed questions at me the very first thing in the morning, even before they were out of bed.  A asked, “ "Mommy, is it spring?"..."Can I get a new bike today?"  She didn’t know the wind chill was in the teens!)  And B asked, “Mommy, what is gravity?"

8)      One freezing cold morning, B looked outside and exclaimed, “Mommy! I see a seagull!" And then a bit later she pretended to check the weather and said, "It's 69 degrees today."  I think she’s ready for SPRING, too.

9)      The girls have been asking to play with modeling clay, and I finally acquiesced over the weekend.  In comparison to the last time we played (when I felt like I had to really keep my eyes peeled to make sure they didn’t smear clay into anything), they did a great job!  They had so much fun playing…for probably a half an hour!  It was so funny to see what they made, too.  Baby A kept making “groundhogs” (???), and B was intent on making “monkeys”.  And of course there were lots and lots of snakes.

10)   I was so proud of the girls this week.  They’ve been practicing buttoning their pajamas, and they both got it on Sunday night!

11)   Typically, when the girls’ clock turns green each morning (indicating it’s OK for them to get up), I hear, “Mommy!!!  My clock is GREEN!!!  I slept WELL!!!  This morning, as B had been awake for some time already, singing to herself, I heard instead, “Mommy!  My clock is green!  I slept pretty well!  At least she’s honest in her assessment!

12)   And perhaps my biggest laugh of the week came from B, as she was commenting to herself on her own drawing: "Oh, this looks quite different from what I expected."  I understand, Honey!  I really do!!!


Marcia (123 blog) said...

oh B, lots of things don't turn out like I expect, either :) :)

I'll meet you in NYC if you go............ :)

cat said...

Lots of cuteness to remember- I love the puppy one particularly. BTW have you ever tried making playdough? I have a great recipe on my blog that is way nicer than any bought ones

Cheryl Lage said...

Looking forward to seeing the photo documentation of that pending NYC trip! :) (Love the comments...twin parenting is such a hoot!)

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

I love #11 - my Kenna tells me EVERY morning how well she slept. We don't always have the same assessment... but she is always quite sure she slept great! :)