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March 14, 2013

The Doctor is In!

The girls have been very focused on playing "vet" for the past two days, and it is very serious business!

Baby A has taken off her scrubs and white coat only to eat and sleep.  Baby B is typically the nurse, and the girls like me to play the role of the animals' mommy.

The set-up is quite involved, far beyond using the stethoscope, otoscope, blood pressure cuff, and giving shots. 

There must be books and toys in the waiting room to keep the patients occupied, all carefully selected and arranged.

There are medicine cups and water bowls and special "vet bottles" from the play kitchen.

There are toys to be given after each appointment. 

There is a cash register to collect fees. 

And this morning, there was an elaborate walkway constructed [using virtually every puzzle, card game, and plastic stacking toy that we own] to lead patients to and from the examination area.

I love seeing the girls pretending...and it's so much fun to see the seriousness with which they play at times.

Our kitty Sasha has kept her distance, though...and I can't say I blame her.  The rate with which these two give shots and prescribe medicine is a bit alarming.  :)


Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

Veterinarian is one of Cam and Gray's favorite things to play as well. :) It's pretty fun to watch (or play along with).

Mandy said...

How awesome!

Anonymous said...

love this :)

my kids always ask me to use my "tools". the play stuff is not good enough for them, apparently. :) i've given them their own stethoscope (from my retired collection), but have to draw the line at my otoscope and opthalmoscope! they can only use those with supervision.

i love that your girls collect money!!! next they'll be billing insurance!!!

Charlene said...