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March 9, 2013

Bustin' a Move

I'm linking up with Marcia for her monthly photo challenge.  This month (or week, actually) I have TONS of pictures from which to choose.  I'm a few days into the Superhero Photo class, and I love having been challenged to get outside my comfort experiment...and to move.

Marcia's theme this month is "movement"...specifically, the movement of the photographer.  Here's a sampling of some of my favorite pictures from yesterday afternoon, when I was definitely bustin' a move.  :)

I was sitting on the street (yes, ME!!!) while the girls peered down into my camera lens.

I was squatting under B as she made a "heart" with her hands.

I was bending a bit under Hubby, trying to capture his profile in the late-day sun.  I love this man.  :)

I set the camera and contorted my body so Hubby could shoot over my shoulder, with B in the foreground.  L-O-V-E!!!

I was bending over B, my arms around her neck, to get this one.  I showed the girls this tree stump a few days ago, and we talked about the "rings" in it.  They were so excited to find it again.

I was running to catch up with the girls.  When I told them they could walk together in front of me (without holding my hands), they took off!

It may not feel like spring, but the honeysuckle is in bloom, and it smells heavenly!  I backed between two bushes to try to get in front of the girls a bit, the setting sun shining on their backs.

Thank you to Marcia and Mandy for the continued inspiration.  I'm having a blast!!!


Anonymous said...

So awesome! Can't wait to get my monkeys outdoors for some shots! I need to get my rear in gear (reading too much dr.seuss lately)! My family is due for a little mommy paparazzi!! Great job girl!

Mandy said...

I'm amazed, and horrible jealous, that you got J involved. I should do a post on all the horrible G shots! I really like the first one, and all the hearts are genius!!

Marcia (123 blog) said...


I can't BELIEVE the difference in your pics just from moving. Are you THRILLED?

What gorgeous gorgeous pics - I love that you love J so much - I just smiled so big :) :) and love the baby hands heart!

Mrs FF said...

The pictures are so stunning!!! And I have to say I like the one of J very much, guess because we don't get to see a lot of him. The baby heart hands and the one of your hands all lovely. And I'm sure the girls couldn't believe their "luck" when you told them to walk without holding your hand

Anonymous said...

love ALL of these. i forget how awesome pictures can look if you get a little "uncomfortable" :)

Deanna said...

Love, love, love!!! I like seeing a few different pictures, outside your normal comfort zone. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Love the baby hands and all the hearts. : )

cat said...

Oh gosh, these are simply superb!