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August 10, 2011

Where I Attempt to Use Murphy's Law to My Advantage

As the Potty-capades go, Baby A is doing very well.

Over the past couple of days she’s been napping in her undies, and so far we haven’t had any security breaches. She’s waking up dry in the mornings, too, but I’m not quite ready to let go of the safety of a nighttime diaper…and she doesn’t seem to mind.

Baby B is still quite the confident diaper-wearer.

I do think she may be making small strides in the direction of the potty. Over the past two or three weeks, she’s become very particular about her diaper. She starts yelling immediately after she gets wet or dirty, “Mommy!!! Go change my diaper!!! I have tee-tees!!!” I hope that means she’s becoming more aware of bathroom activities.

I’m still A-okay with Baby B taking her time at this point, although I wonder if she’ll “train herself” like Baby A did a few months ago, or if she’ll require a different tact.

I decided to tempt the hands of fate earlier this week.

Target has an excellent deal on diapers right now…but you have to buy A LOT of diapers to get the deal. Specifically, I am now the proud owner of 224 shiny new Pampers Cruisers.

I laughed to myself a bit…having so many diapers on hand, it’s my luck that tomorrow Baby B will wake up and tell me she is a big girl, that she will not be wearing diapers ever again.

And then I decided I’d take the risk.

If Mr. Murphy (of Murphy’s Law fame) wants to help me out, I’m all for it. The $70 I spent on diapers would be well worth having TWO potty-trained kiddos.

…or, if not…I’m set to respond to Baby B’s alarms in high style for another couple of months.


Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love it!

That's exactly what happens, isn't it?

but $70 is a small price to pay :)

Yesterday mid-day was a lovely time outside (warm!) so the babies took off their socks and shoes and ran around in the grass with naked toes. I went to get their sandals and there are two pairs of Connor's that fit K but nothing for him - poor thing. But I'm not tempting Murphy just yet by going out to buy new sandals - I want it to be consistently blazing hot outside!

Olusola said...

ah yes, the perils of diaper stockpiling. I saw that Target deal too and it definitely caught my interest. I suspect Baby B is going to pull a Murphy on you though :)

Brad Jenkins said...

We're just about a year behind you, but we have the same issue with diaper sizes. Once we load up on a certain size the girls hit a growth spurt. Thankfully, there are always other people in need of diapers so they don't get wasted and we don't have to dump them.

I agree it is money well spent.

championm2000 said...

I'm pulling for you and Murphy's Law on this one.

What I loved, though, about this post was your positive attitude. Baby B as the confident diaper wearer--I love the spin :-)

Andrea said...

Haha!! You so are donating those diapers!! :):)

Barbara Manatee said...

Hope your theory works out in your favor! (one way or another...ha!)

At the rate Adam's going, I'm wondering if they make diapers in a size 8 or 10....he's in 6s now and there's no end in sight!

reanbean said...

I still have that problem when buying diapers. Both of my kids definitely still need night diapers (both drink a lot at dinner time), but every now and then Tiny will wake up dry and give me a little hope that she might not need them much longer. So, I'm still buying diapers, but not in bulk anymore.

As for B and the potty training, do you have any sense of what her learning style might be? Some kids, like my Tiny, just learn by observation. They watch others do something and just pick it up themselves. But Buba, he's a kid who needs direct instruction and coaching. It was that way when he learned to dress himself, and it was that way with potty training too.