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August 26, 2011

Fab 5 Friday...and ME!!!

Despite a little cold having worked its way through our house, this week was still pretty fabulous!

1) We’d gotten out of our summertime routine over the past few weeks, but we got back on track on Saturday. We strolled the farmer’s market for fresh fruits and veggies, and then had a late breakfast (for Mommy and Daddy / a snack for the girls) at Panera. It’s seriously the perfect start to the weekend.

2) I very rarely take the girls out for lunch...but we made an exception to join Aunt Shanda on Monday at our favorite Mexican restaurant. We hadn’t eaten with her since the girls’ birthday (in January), and it was pretty amazing to think about the differences in just seven months! Oh, and the food was delish, of course, too!

3) I taught the girls a new party trick this week…to fist bump and say, Wonder Twin Power!They have no idea what they’re saying, but it cracks me up every time.

4) Baby A is really making strides in her “artwork”. She can make a pretty decent “A” at times (although just as often it looks like an “H”)…and she shocked me by attempting to draw a cat! She had a circle with whiskers on either side, and a scribble of some sort in the middle. Of course I saved that as her first masterpiece!

5) Baby B said a couple of things I could hardly believe this week. “I realized Nana Audrey was coming because the door was closed.” Seriously???

And Daddy had to leave for a late meeting at work one night. B asked me if Daddy would see his “colleagues”. She didn’t say it perfectly, so I asked if that’s what she meant. She repeated it correctly. I asked if she knew what that meant. I gave her a fill-in-the-blank. “’Colleagues’ are the people that Daddy….” and she answered “teaches with”!

Oh, and I referred to my old pair of sunglasses as ratty, which both girls have now picked up…HA!

And what did I do for ME this week???

I had plans to get together with Aunt Shanda on Friday night in some form or fashion. I called her last minute and asked if she’d be up for making S’mores. I stopped by the store to pick up the fixins’, and on the way to her house, I glanced over to see Aunt Karen at the stop light beside me. I asked her if she wanted to join us…and she did! [We live in a small town, but it’s not seriously that small…that was quite a surprise to run into Karen!] So…an impromptu S’mores party…to a soundtrack of reggae music and a couple of great friends…good for the soul, it was!!!



Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love that you guys went out for lunch - doesn't it feel a little bit sinful? :)

I love being out when everyone's at work! I feel so decadent.

And your girls speak SO MUCH and SO beautifully!

lovely that you got girl time!

penguinsandladybugs said...

I wanna come to a S'Mores Party :)

Mandy said...

Sounds fantastic. I'm glad you're having a great week and getting back to your groove.

I love the twin powers! You should video it!

Beth said...

The 'Wonder Twin Power'? Almost too cute. I love it

Also, 'colleague'? Seriously? Very impressive vocabulary.

Your little girls are turning into such little ladies!

championm2000 said...

Smores? I wished I lived closer :-)

Barbara Manatee said...

Ok...Adam talks a lot but can't even say "bridge" right without me feeling like he's swearing - and your girls are saying "colleague" and "realized?" sheesh!

Sarah loves to draw and color and is becoming quite the artist! I love lil kids' drawings!

Anonymous said...

i love that you can say something once and then they will repeat it later. :) i guess that's for good or bad, huh?

i love these weekly updates with the positive spin :)

and btw--i have not had a single smore this year :( we need to have a smore party up north!! :)

(and i'm a little surprised that you didn't mention something about a countdown to football or jerseys or something in your fab 5! ha!)

Dolli-Mama said...

LOVE the fist bump! Go Wonder Twin Power! So cute!