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August 7, 2011

Mama Loves: Standing the Test of Time

Over the past few months, I had gotten waaaay behind on editing and printing pictures. I've been working so hard this week to catch up (and I'm almost done!!!)

One of the nice things about going through several months' worth of photos at once is that I feel like I have better's actually easier to step back and appreciate the changes and the trends.

One constant in every month's photo collection is seeing our girls in their high chairs (where they're forced to be still for the picture!), and most often wearing their bibs.

When the girls started feeding themselves "big people food", around 14 months or so, I was anxious to buy those vinyl bibs that you just wipe clean. We went through several iterations until I finally found what I believe is The World's Perfect Bib.

These bibs from Bumkins are fantastic...they are water-proof, they wipe clean after each meal, and then I can throw them in the washer (and hang to dry) at the end of the day.

I love the confidence that the girls have clean bibs. And, as evidenced by these photos, the bibs have definitely stood the test of time at our house!

Here are the girls at 16 months, having enjoyed some meatballs in spaghetti sauce, avocado, and blackberries...

...and here are the girls on the 1/2 birthday, at 30 months, digging some strawberry cake!

Yup, these are the same bibs! I have eight them, meaning I can go up to four days between loads of laundry.

I'm linking up with my dear friend Julia at Pontifications of a Twin Mom, as part of her new weekend series, "Mama Loves"...a way for us mamas to share with each other some of our favorite things, things that help make our lives just a little bit easier.

Pop on over and check her out! (And she *might* just have a giveaway going on right now, of her favorite things!)

*I was in no way compensated for this post...I just love these bibs, and wanted to share!


Julia said...

We LOVE those bibs around here too! In my mind, they are the ONLY bibs you need.

When the girls first started solids, we did use some of the cloth bibs, which are now hopelessly stained, despite all my best efforts. I love that each time we take out the Bumkins bibs, they look brand new!

Definintely a Mama Love for sure! :)

Johanna said...

We love those bibs too... we STILL use them, but have moved to the 'smock' style bibs (same cute swirly pattern) that their little arms can fit into. I'm pretty sure my messy little Grayden will be wearing one until she's 9! :)

Oh, and I love the pictures of your precious little girls. You know I'm a picture person!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

YOu know I love those bibs! THey are gorgeous and they suit your girls.

I've just thrown one set of bibs away (cheap ones I got on special) because the velcro was unstickable and we're now on the 2nd set and some new bibs I bought.

Oh, I haven't started my photos yet - fun times ahead :)

Wendy said...

I wish Ben and Emma would still wear bibs. They just rip them off! I'm not giving up though so I am going to try these ans see if my Twinkies will keep them on!

Thanks for stopping by my little blog. I appreciated your comments!

Wendy said...

Oops! Pressed enter too soon. I love the idea of the microphones. Ben and Emma love to sing and I can see them (and I!) having lots of fun reading all kinds of books with it! Thanks for the suggestion!

Barbara Manatee said...

I loved those bibs, too! I think I had one in every color including Dr. Seuss ones! Ours have held up through 3 kids over 4 years.

Adam doesn't wear a bib much anymore (I honestly think he's a neater eater than his older brother is!) but I do keep one handy for messy meals!

Paula (aka PJ) said...

Yep! We've got those bibs also. I detest the cloth ones!

Mine are 13 months and are starting to rip them off though. One will get this grouchy look on her face, stop eating, and pull until she's had success. :)

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Love those bibs...the Crazies didn't stay bib-bound for long, but while they did, I loved those. Great pictures!

I, too, am totally behind on you'll notice from this week's blog...many of my pictures are so old (like a month, but whatever)!

Twinside Out said...

I am so excited about these! I am not a fan of the bibs we have at the moment. They stain really easily and aren't machine washable. I'm going to have to pick some of these up! Thanks for sharing!