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August 9, 2011

Setting a Good Example Goes Both Ways

As parents, of course we’re supposed to set a good example for our kiddos…and the area of eating is a big one for me.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about sweets. While I could polish off most of a pan of brownies, along with a pint of ice cream to help wash it down…I am trying to teach my girls by example how to enjoy such treats in moderation…to appreciate the yummy-ness, but not overindulge.

It’s probably not a secret that I’m really proud of how well my girls eat. They eat a really balanced diet, and they’ll try (and usually like) most anything I put on their plates.

I was thinking about it a week or so ago, that I don’t think our girls have EVER eaten a meal without fresh fruit. I serve fresh fruit three times a day at home. And – while I’ve greatly pared down the paraphernalia I take when we eat out – I still carry a bowl of grapes or diced strawberries when we go to a restaurant that doesn’t offer fruit on their menu.

And then it occurred to me that I am the one that needs to learn from their example in this case.

Not only am I trying to set a good example for my girlies, I’m trying to do what I can to take good care of myself so I can be around for a long, long time.

So on this note, I’m taking a page from my girlies.

It’s nothing to wash a few extra strawberries to share with them at lunch, or peel another orange so we can all have juice dripping off our chins at supper.

It’s an easy lesson…and a yummy one, too…and a little reminder that this parenting gig is a two-way street in a million different wonderful ways.


Julia said...

You know, I've thought about this recently. Our girls, too, get fresh fruit with every meal. It occurred to me one day that I was buying all this wonderful fresh fruit for them, but wasn't eating much of it myself. So--I'm trying to change that by including extras, so that I can snack on it while they're eating. That way I'm not just giving them the good stuff, but I'm eating it too.

Great post, friend!

Mandy said...

That was really hard to read! I'm sitting here holed up with my Or.eo's and milk during nap time!!!

But it's so true. I definitely eat better now that the girls are here, it's just trying to convince them that green isn't poison. We can woof down fruit but the veggies are our veggies are always left behind. Let behind for me to eat because I just can't waste food!

championm2000 said...

You are so right! My babies have fruit at every meal, too, but I am guilty of feeding them one way and feeding myself another.

Thanks for reminding me the best lessons are taught by example.

Andrea said...

I so agree! Funny thing is I LOVE fruit, but grab the junk all to often! My 2 love fruit too!! I wish I could say the same about 3 times a day, I can say they at least have it once a day! You are the best mommy ever!! :):) I hope you enjoy your fruit as much as they enjoy theirs! :):)

Holly Ann said...

My kids have fruit at every meal too...however that's partially because they think vegetables are poisonous. ;)

Barbara Manatee said...

guilty here, too!

I know last summer I was awful about treats here and there and we always had ice cream or some kind of baked good in the house (hence the extra weight that gradually founds its way to me this past year). This year, I haven't let myself buy ice cream for home - its only a special treat when we're out and about. We don't do donuts much, I haven't baked anything and we're living off the garden with 2 veggies at dinner and always fruit at breakfast and lunch.

The kids have asked a lot lately why I won't buy this or that (sweets) lately and I just keep telling them they are just "once in a while" treats and our bodies need healthy foods like fruits and vegetables so we can grow big and strong.

I'm glad its paying off for me! 15 lbs! :-)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

NIce post Mandy.

I love being challenged in my thinking. I will admit that my two eat far, FAR healthier than I do :)

PS your blog came right (posts were clickable from GR) and then this one is like it was before. What did you change? :)

reanbean said...

So true. There are some days where I'm not sure who did the most teaching, me or my kids.

I especially like this time of year when fresh fruit is so plentiful and affordable. Not looking forward to the winter months when the price of grapes and berries goes up, up up.