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February 19, 2011

Cheap is Good, but FREE is Great (and Other Random Pregnancy Advice)

When I was pregnant, I of course got all sorts of random advice from people I knew, and even people I didn’t. Everyone wants to tell you about their favorite blanket, or bib, or bottle…or, in the case of one girl I knew peripherally at work…the best place in town to buy sidewalk chalk.

I remember smiling politely as she stopped me in the hall one day to tell me about a particular dollar store that has “the best selection of sidewalk chalk and stickers…you’ll need lots of those one day,” she said.

Hmmm…as I’m waiting to find out the gender of my babies in my ultrasound next week, trying to figure the optimal placement of two cribs in our tiny nursery, and downing as many peanut butter-banana sandwiches as possible…let me make a note of that!

Actually, I did store that little tidbit of information in the far recesses of my mind somewhere, and I called upon it several months ago when I introduced the girls to stickers. Sure enough, they love them. And sure enough, I need a lot of them. That dollar store does have a nice assortment, and I’ve stocked up there on a couple of occasions.

Knowing the girls enjoy playing “paper-stickers”, my aunt said she had a lot of those free address labels that you so frequently get in the mail. Did I want them for the girls?

At first, I thought that was a little strange, that they wouldn’t want to play with long, skinny stickers with our names and addresses…but I decided to give it a try.

Sure enough, the girls don’t mind at all! Most of the stickers have pictures of animals (as we may have once-upon-a-time made donations to the likes of PETA and the ASPCA). And I discovered a GI-normous stack of labels, just begging to be cleaned out of my junk drawer!

I’m so glad I stumbled upon this little gem! But I am going to resist the temptation to pass this really random knowledge along to the next pregnant lady I spy in the grocery store.

One of my favorite recent pictures of the girls is in a just-for-fun photo contest this week on Multiples & More.

Click here to check out the all the cuteness (and cast a vote for Baby A and Baby B, if you're so inclined!). :)


Andrea said...

Molly is really into stickers too...Luke not so much! Must be a girlie thing?!?! (btw-if you read this and your son likes stickers I am in no way calling him girlie!) This picture is too cute! You have my vote of course! Have a great Saturday!

Holly Ann said...

Love the picture! And I agree - stickers make for a wonderful activity with toddlers. :)

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

Great idea! I actually read on another blog this week about using stickers to distract the girls while I change them which is a huge issue for us right now. But I never thought of address labels. Your girls are so cute in this pic!! Love it!!

Beth said...

How have I never thought of that?!? Brilliant! We have a big stack of freebie address labels. Oh boy, my kids will have an afternoon of fun one day soon!

Adorable picture (of course!)

Anonymous said...

lol. i use all of those "free" stickers, too. we've been getting tons of disney stuff lately. we play with the "this dvd belongs to.." all of the time, haha.

cutest. picture. ever. btw!

and i love your last post when the girls started to put things together! i'm still giggling over the "amen" comment!

Cottongirl7 said...

Great idea, free is my favorite too. Love the picture, bubbles are always a hit.

Monica said...

It's funny you posted this today, because my almost 18 month old girlies have never played with stickers before, but today we got some March of Dimes address labels in the mail! They had a blast and played with them for a whole hour.... pretty impressive! Thanks March of Dimes for the free entertainment!

MultipleMum said...

When my two play with stickers they invariably come out completely covered in them! I am trying to encourage them to use paper, but why use paper when you have your twins legs/arms/face beckoning?

Barbara Manatee said...

we went through a huge sticker phase around that age, too! I bought them cute notebooks that became their "sticker books" so they knew to put their stickers there and only there (vs. random walls and furniture).

Sarah still likes stickers and Adam does too...but he's more into taking OFF the stickers that Sarah puts on! ha!

reanbean said...

My guys have been really into stickers for a year or so. We use the address labels too, but I cut off the address part and just give them the squarish picture part. They'll sit and focus for quite a while as they try to peel each little sticker off the waxy paper. I carry strips of them in my purse and pull them out when I need to buy some time with them when we're out and about. Works every time!

That photos is adorable! I've now voted twice. :o)