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February 23, 2011

A Bit About Me, Birthday Edition

So on the 23rd day of each month I’ve been sharing a couple of random tidbits about myself…leading up to my birthday – TODAY! – on February 23rd.

I’ll go ahead and add my birthday tidbits, and then we’ll step back and see what we can surmise from the randomness…

13) My name is Mandy. It’s not short for Amanda, or Miranda…just plain, straight-up Mandy.

Both my parents have names that require some explanation. My mom’s name is unisex, but with a feminine spelling, which people very rarely got right. My dad goes by a derivation of his middle name, which no one would ever guess. They were bound and determined for me not to suffer the same fate, having to explain and correct folks my entire life.

But alas, I’ve always had to convince people that my name isn’t a shortened form of a longer name! Oh, well…at least they tried!

14) I love to skate. Some of my favorite birthday party memories from my childhood are from the skating rink. And last year for my birthday, a few girlfriends surprised me with a late dinner downtown…followed by skating!!!

We had a blast…but I have to admit it was a bit awkward, too. We were the oldest folks there by probably 20 years. And while my friends had dressed in jeans, I had on dress pants, of course having no idea where the night was going!

They were playing heavy rap music at the rink. My friends kept requesting Bon Jovi for the birthday girl. C’mon…what self-respecting skating rink wouldn’t have a little JBJ, right??? Finally the DJ conceded, but he played one of the newer slow songs (“Make a Memory”). The entire floor cleared of all the youngsters, and we had the place to ourselves for five minutes. HA!

It was so much fun, but I definitely felt my age – and my responsibility level – as I kept reminding myself to be careful, knowing I couldn’t risk a broken hip!

So, in looking back over the past few months…

1) I studied Russian language in college.
2) I love measuring spoons.
3) I heart San Francisco.
4) As a child, I wanted to *be* Crystal Gayle.
5) I’ve never been to Disneyworld.
6) I spent my career in consumer packaged goods marketing.
7) I can bake a mean cookie.
8) I’m not a movie person.
9) I am a band nerd at heart.
10) I have no idea if I’m a “morning” person or a “night” person.
11) I can’t stand for my husband’s sock- and underwear drawers to be disorganized.
12) I once drove 350 miles in the middle of the night in a rental car with three complete strangers to make a business meeting the next morning.

I think there are several items that underscore my drive (or OCD, as some might call it...). And there may be a couple that suggest I appreciate the finer things in life, like measuring spoons, and homemade cookies, and the beauty of San Francisco (and admit it – Crystal Gayle’s hair!).

Happy birthday to me! I’m looking forward to spending the day with my girlies and ordering pizza (a very rare treat these days) for supper. I have a few little things to look forward to this weekend, too. Life is good!


Double the Giggles said...

I'd sing 'Happy Birthday' to you, but I'm busy humming 'Don't it Make My Brown Eyes Blue'. Hope your day was fabulous!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Mandy!! How fun that your friends took you roller skating! A good friend of mine had an 80s roller skating party last year. It was fun!

Hope you have lots of fun celebrating this year! You deserve an awesome day!!

liz barber said...

Happy Birthday Mandy! Thanks for sharing about yourself! Hope it's a wonderful day celebrating with you family!

Mandy said...

Oh Crystal Gayle! Good stuff... I have to admit I am sometimes taken aback by our similarities!

Hope your birthday was FANTASTIC!

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh yay for birthdays, you rock!! Me too - birthday & twin girls!! My parents named me Jennie so i'd never have to shorten Jennifer, alas, like you, ALWAYS have to defend that it's my full name!! Totally with you on that one, love Posie

MultipleMum said...

Oh Happy Birthday dear Mandy! I hope you have had a wonderful day of celebrations :) More interesting facts about you. Random is good x

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Mandy! I hope you have a wonderful day and a great evening! I love this fun!

Rebecca said...

You light up my life...Crystal gave me inspiration to sing that song to a boy I loved in first grade...ah...young love.

Happy birthday to a fellow band geek!!! Enjoy every minute!

Kate Pantier @ Mommy Monologues said...


I love that list!

The picture is the best! I have no idea if I'm a morning or a night person. I'm somewhere in the middle...

Julia said...

Happy, happy day to you! I hope it's a supercailfragalistic day!

Way to give some love to Crystal--not nearly enough people do. I had hair way below my butt until I was a senior in college, so Crystal inevitably came up in a lot of conversations.

Deanna said...

Happy, happy birthday, Mandy! Hope you have a great day and enjoy your pizza! : )

Holly G said...

Happy Birthday, Mandy! I hope you have/had a lovely day!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Finally, I'm here! The Monday speaking threw my week out a bit....

Anyway, hope you had a fantastic day with your friends and family, and some good pizza.

LOVE that pic!

And so glad you got my card. Miracles never cease :)

reanbean said...

I hope you had a really wonderful birthday! What a great photo of you skating! :o)