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February 18, 2011

Fab 5 Friday...and ME!

In addition to all the fabulous-ness surrounding Valentine’s Day, there was lots more to go ‘round this week…

1) We took the girls out to get frozen yogurt on Sunday afternoon (this is sounding like a delicious broken record, no???...but I love it!!!). They fed themselves from their own bowls, with their own spoons – they’re such big kids!!! Baby A sat in my lap, and I finished my yogurt about the same time she did hers. Baby B sat with Hubby, though, and she finished ahead of him. She promptly said, Want other one,” pointing to his bowl when she was done with hers! Her eye is on the prize, I tell you!

2) The weather here has been so nice, particularly after weeks of snow and ice and few trips into the great outdoors. The girls and I have gone for a walk every single day. It’s incredible how much fresh air does all our bodies good!

3) I’m amazed at how much more “completely” the girls are talking…with articles and conjunctions and everything!!! Baby A pointed to a t-shirt I was wearing and said, “Flower on Mommy’s shirt!

4) Baby B surprised us on Thursday night as she sat on her daddy’s lap. During the summer and fall when he wore shorts, we talked about his legs being “furry like Sasha [the cat]”. We haven’t said that in probably two months, but B noted yesterday, “Daddy furry like Sasha!” Bwahaha!!!

5) Baby B volunteered something on Thursday, surprising me with what she knew. I said, “Wow, you just know everything!” And to that, she said, “Amen!

And what did I do for ME this week??? (I actually have TWO BIG indulgences to report…a mama could get used to this!!!)

On Friday night, the hubs and I went to a nice dinner downtown. We hadn’t done that since before the holidays, so it was wonderful to linger over an appetizer, and bread, and dinner…followed by a little quality time at Starbucks for “dessert”.

And then, on Saturday, I met one of my BFFs for a late lunch (after I put the girls down for a nap). We indulged at our favorite Mexican dive (extra jalapenos for me!), and then we indulged some more with a yummy pedicure. And we even had time for coffee and a cookie before I was due back home. Heaven!!!

And the icing on the cake? When I got home on Saturday afternoon, the girls noticed my pink toe nail polish (in comparison to the red I had been sporting). They declared, “New piggy toes!


This has seriously been an awesome week...hope yours was, too! :) :)


penguinsandladybugs said...

Good stuff!! So glad you are getting some extra time for yourself! (just so you know, a couple weeks family went for some frozen yogurt because you put the idea in my head :))

Unknown said...

wow!! NICE week for you!! yeah! You totally deserve it!

How totally adorable that she was set on another frozen yogurt! Sounds like my Sarah...

Beth said...

sounds like a great week!! We are loving the nice weather--so good to get out again. I have, however, noticed that the kids got bigger over the winter. That wagon is getting seriously heavy! ;o) That's okay. Mommy needs it!
A pedicure absolutely sounds like a touch of heaven! So glad you got out to relax with a girlfriend.

MultipleMum said...

Good for you! I hope the new piggies last as long as my last pedicure. I am 'growing out' the pink polish that I had done on Dec 11! I know what you mean about the sentences too - Minx and Dew Drop are real little talkers these days. Blows me away!

Andrea said...

Wow, that is a very great week! I say frozen yogurt is an awesome broken record! :) I need a pedicure in a very bad way! Glad you got one and glad the Turks even noticed! Too sweet!

reanbean said...

What a treat that you're able to have a bit of frozen yogurt so often. I may have to go in search of some for us. My favorite ice cream place is only open spring through mid-autumn, but maybe we could checkout a new place to see what's out there.

And how wonderful that you were able to have two indulgences! T and I went out for a dinner date last Saturday, and it really was so nice to enjoy a nice meal just us. Glad to hear you had a nice time with hubby and your friend.

Rebecca said...

Ummm...your girls' afternoon/evening sounds heavenly and by "dessert," you meant sex in the car, right???

Love when the kids surprise you with their knowledge, but it also reminds you of how much they're picking up on...YIKES!!!

Christina said...

We had an awesome week too, and I'm so glad you did also. :)