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February 15, 2011

Disconnected, Out of Touch, Yet Productive

...that describes the past three days for me sans computer.

Our computer has long been developing a bit of a limp. On Saturday, she stumbled and fell, and I couldn’t pick her back up. It was time to call in the experts.

Of course I wouldn’t let my children limp around for months with just a little Band-Aid here, a kiss of a boo-boo there…but there just never was a good time to commit The Computer for the necessary off-site rehabilitation.

She made the decision for us on Saturday, though, and it was time to have her committed for a little R&R.

I don’t generally consider myself to be so reliant on any one thing (well, except my dishwasher…and Heaven forbid she ever decide to catch cold!!!), but life without my computer was actually a bit challenging.

I wanted to take the girls for a walk on Monday morning, but I didn’t know what the temperature was. I actually had to walk outside to see for myself.

On Monday afternoon, I just assumed the weather was as nice as it had been on Sunday, so we loaded up wearing only shirtsleeves for a trek to the grocery store. When I realized it was a full 10 degrees cooler than I anticipated – and my children were without jackets – I had to walk really fast to get them in the store…past judgmental stares from other mothers, grandmas, and even one high-school girl. Gah!

I wanted to drop Aunt Alison a sweet little “Happy Valentine’s Day” note, just to say I hope she was having a good day. I actually had to pick up the phone and call her, instead. How archaic.

I thought about going to Hobby Lobby, but how would I know what their sales were for the week? And forget making a regular-price purchase without their standard (email-issue) 40% off coupon!

I needed to call Shutterfly to place an order for a photo book using a coupon that was about to expire…but I didn’t have my coupon code, much less Shutterfly’s phone number. Fail!

That side dish I thought about making for supper? Forget about it…recipe contained in my online recipe box.

And I was relegated to looking the Valentine’s Day pictures of my girls, all decked out in their pink heart tees, on the tiny screen on my digital camera. I am SO itching to download them so I can relive the sugar-coated moments!

There was an upside to my disconnection, though…in that I was actually pretty productive!

I got caught up on some handwritten correspondence (yes, with a pen!). [A couple of you will be receiving very belated “Happy Holidays” cards in the mail from me. Note that I am considering the “Holidays” to encompass all celebrations through Mardi Gras.]

AND I got six months’ worth of photographs sorted, filed, and put into albums. Woo hoo!

I’ll try to use this experience as a reminder of balance…maybe I can set up a spreadsheet (on my computer) to track it.


Mandy said...

HA! I died when our computer fried, I know exactly how you felt. It's times like those that I am so grateful to the techies for developing smart phones. This 3 inch screen has saved my husband's life more than I can count!

Andrea said...

What do people do before computer? I totally am with you on this one, but agree I would be very productive else where! Glad you survived and are up and running! :)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

LOL I love how you freely admit your dependence on computers :)

I am trying to get away from my obsession too.

Fantastic on the productivity! And don't laugh, but I have a spreadsheet for the computer time - half the time I forget to track though.

P.S. I totally wait til the computer gives up the ghost. This one went in last weekend, was deemed fine but it is doing the same thing again - do you know how I dread taking it back? I want to just scream!

Rebecca said...

Walking outside to determine the temperature...that's true desperation! This post cracks me up and makes me thankful for my Droid (with internet access, of course)!

Deanna said...

So funny! Sometimes you just don't realize how reliant you are on an object until it's unavailable!

I usually don't even turn on my home computer on the weekends, but I'm not very productive either...oh well, at least it's quality time with the family, right? : )

reanbean said...

I'm quite sure I'd have a hard time if I had to be without my computer for a while. I'm not completely connected all day long, but I definitely use it for all of those things you mentioned not being able to do while yours was being repaired. That is actually one reason why I won't get a blackberry or iPhone. I'm just pretty sure I'm better off not being able to get online absolutely everywhere I go.

Kate Pantier @ Mommy Monologues said...

I know what you mean about being productive without a comp. Lboy has developed a hatred for my computer so I don't turn it on during the day anymore. I don't really know what to do with myself so I've just been cleaning for about 4 straight days...yeah my house is sparkling! lol (Except for my blasted dishes!)

Unknown said...

Oh...I'm totally with Rebecca on this one - I am thankful that i can get full internet access on my phone now...sure helps feed the OCD I have about checking my email, blogs and facebook! ha!

3 days?!?!?! how did you do it???

Megan said...

Ha! Seriously, I can't remember the last time I was completely disconnected from the online world. It's hard for me to believe sometimes that I didn't grow up with computers and actually had to find other ways to entertain myself at one time.