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February 5, 2011

Following Directions (Kind of...)

For a couple of months now, the girls have gotten a lot of enjoyment from scribbling on paper with washable markers and crayons, and from "playing stickers", as they say.

I would sit with the girls and ask them what color they would like to use, or direct them to put a sticker in a particular part of their paper.

Over the past few days I decided to try to introduce a little more structure into some of their "art" time.

I knew the girls enjoyed seeing me draw...seemingly in awe of my uncanny ability to draw a house (if only it would always be so easy to amaze them with my talents...hahaha!!!).

I stood over each of them and divided their paper into four quadrants. In each a drew a simple shape (circle, square, triangle, heart); and another day, some simple figures.

They squealed as they saw the kitty appear before their eyes. :)

Then I handed them each an orange crayon and asked them to color their sunshine orange. Baby A did great with the first three pictures, scribbling in the right place, but she seemed to lose interest before she got her house colored red.

Baby B was a little more "free form"...I think she enjoyed having the pictures on her paper, but she wanted to exercise her right to "color outside the lines". :)

After we finished our colors, I gave the girls one sticker at a time, and asked them to put it on a specific picture. By the fourth picture, I asked them to put a sticker on the roof of their house. Baby A particularly enjoyed this exercise.

And a little added bonus was that, by using a black marker on white paper, the girls discovered their could turn their paper over and play some more.

We'll still have lots of scribble time, I'm sure, but I'm so excited to see the girls willing to follow directions in a little more structured fashion.


Holly Ann said...

I must say, your drawings are truly fabulous. My students are always so quick to tell that they like my "art," but I know they're just being nice. Yours is much better! So glad your girls are enjoying their art time! I want to do more art projects with my kids. The most fun art they ever did, I think, was when we let them paint pumpkins last October. :)

Andrea said...

I agree...your drawing is pretty good! I can't draw stick people for the life of me. :) the girls did good too!

Mandy said...

There is hope! We're still eating crayons. I'm glad you are enjoying "art" as much as them! :)

How do you pronounce crayon? Cray-on or crown? I say crown (wrong I know, one of many words) and it annoys DH to no end!

reanbean said...

NIce kitty drawing! My guys are always asking me to draw things on their Doodle Pros, but drawing isn't really my specialty.

I think activities like these can be great, because they can tell us just a little bit more about our kiddos and maybe even surprise us.

Barbara Manatee said...

Love the bird drawing. What a cute idea. I do stuff like this with my students all the time but haven't done so at home...

*light bulb went off for the next snow day*

Rebecca said...

So fun...were you a teacher in your former life?

I love art seeing the differences between the Crazies. Hailey is very careful and works in small areas and Matt is a nut (shocker) and colors on every single page in our coloring book. It's awesome...

Karen said...

You know I love it when you get out a white piece of paper and start drawing :-).