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February 6, 2011

I Don't Know about Twin ESP...

I am arguably one of the world’s soundest sleepers. It’s nothing for me to sleep through major storms or telephones ringing in the middle of the night.

And when the girls were babies, once they moved out of our room to their nursery, I kept the monitor right beside my head – at full volume. Particularly in my sleep-deprived state, I sometimes still wouldn’t wake to their cries. It would take Hubby punching me, saying, “Don’t you hear? Someone’s crying!

That holds for nighttime, but not for naptime. It’s hard for me to sleep unless the girls are sound asleep, and I never seem to fall into a very deep sleep, either.

Last Monday, I wasn’t feeling great. I needed a nap during the girls’ naptime, and I didn’t need to hear their “chatter” over the monitor. I turned it down to the lowest level, figuring I could hear if something was really wrong, but I could otherwise rest in relative peace.

That night I went to bed and forgot to turn the monitor volume back up.

In the middle of the night, still not feeling well myself, I woke up to the faintest little sound. It was the sound of Baby B’s most pitiful voice. “Mommy coming? Mommy coming?

She wasn’t crying, or yelling, or even calling out for me. She was just asking, ever so quietly, if Mommy was coming to take care of her.

I went to check on her, and the poor baby had gotten sick in the night. She just wanted her mommy to cuddle her and make her feel better.

I have no idea how I heard her calling for me. She wasn’t sick when she went to bed, so I didn’t even know to be listening for her.

I occurred to me later…I don’t know about “Twin ESP”, but that’s evidence of “Mama ESP” enough for me...and that's better than any baby monitor, even at full volume.


Mandy said...

That's me! I can sleep though anything, I apparently even have conversations with DH as he gets ready and leaves in the morning. Oh the things I must tell him!!

Confession time- I never wanted monitors and rarely ever use mine. So far, so good! Since they are roughly 15 feet away in the next room I like to think I will hear them when they need me. Luckily they sleep almost as deeply as I do!

Holly G said...

Aww...I hope you she feels better soon!
I'm the opposite - I sleep so lightly that I can't use a monitor or I'll never sleep. Even little tosses and turns that rustle the sheets wake me up! It's so annoying.
I'm so glad you heard her. :)

Andrea said...

I am a very light sleeper...too light if you ask me! Any little noise wakes me up. What a sweet little way to wake up, little B calling you. Too bad she wasn't feeling well, but still to know that she wants and needs you. That warms the heart. Happy Sunday!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

oh that is a sweet story.

I'm like Mandy - i sleep like a log and I never bought any monitors. I figured if they cried loud enough I would wake up and otherwise, they obviously didn't need me to go :)

P.S> love the new look - I really do!

Unknown said...

oh...poor baby! Glad you heard her!

I am a pretty light sleeper - I hear just about everything the kids do and i don't need a monitor. Their bedrooms are right across the hall from our room and they sleep with their doors shut but I still wake up at just about anything. DH could sleep through a train wreck and I could count on less than 1 hand how many times he woke up to hear the kids before I did.

Rebecca said...

Awwww...that's sweet. You just knew.

I got rid of those monitors early on b/c I couldn't get a wink of sleep...ever! I can't believe you sleep right through it sometimes!

Megan said...

I also sleep like a rock - I always had to have the monitor turned way up so I wouldn't sleep through. Granted, I had 3 kids under 2 at the time so I was EXHAUSTED, but still, I felt like I was missing an important mommy gene or something. But I agree - I do think mommy ESP comes out when they *really* need something.

Joey Lynn Resciniti said...

I have never slept well since having my daughter. She's 6 now, I'd like to turn the Mama ESP OFF!

Anonymous said...

aw. poor little baby.

we don't even use a monitor when we are upstairs anymore! yikes!!

btw: i read your guest post! i think that kate also teaches us not to yell at your husband all of the time. :)

Twinpossible said...

I'm that kind of sleeper to, and at times it scares me, but mommy intuition always seems to save the day somehow. I was the girl in college who needed my roomate to wake me during the ear piercing fire alarms, so...a cry? But God wakes me up, or something.

Glad I found this blog. Fellow mom of twin here. Girls also, 11 months old. Crazy life but a fun one. At this point my girls don't seem particularly close, in fact one fears the other because she pulls her hair and rips her toys away. Will this ever change? I'm depressed that they don't have their own little language and that special bond..seemingly anyways.

New follower!

xoxo Shelly

Kate Pantier @ Mommy Monologues said...

I don't sleep with a monitor on my bedside table anymore because there's no point. I hear everything!

Sorry she woke up sick! I hope she's feeling better now! And I hope you're feeling better now too!

reanbean said...

I hope Baby B is feeling better now. No fun to be sick in the middle of the night. Obviously, I can't say for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if there is some sort of ESP connection between a mommy and child. And I'm sure Baby B was so grateful that you heard her little cry. Maybe you don't need that monitor after all.