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February 22, 2011

When You're Older...

It’s no secret that I have the Gift of Gab, and I put that "gift" to full use when I interact with the girls.

When they were infants, I used to narrate to them all the time. I swear I gave daily dissertations on such subjects as folding towels and the variety of canned goods available at our local supermarket.

Since the girls started to become verbal, I’ve tried to back off a bit, at least during parts of the day…I have to remind myself to let them get a word in edgewise!

I’m still pretty famous for affirming what they say and elaborating on it, though. For example, one of the girls might say, “Mommy wear[ing] earrings!

And I might say, “Yes, that’s right! Mommy is wearing earrings! These earrings are gold and silver. Your daddy gave them to me a long time ago, before you were even born! Aren’t they pretty? One day, when you’re older, you can have earrings, too!

I hope that I’m helping the girls work towards the development of more complex communication…but, in truth, for all I know, the girls may have wanted to take that “conversation” in a completely different direction.

Well, I guess they’d just better learn to elaborate themselves, then, huh?

Anyway, I recently realized I must have been saying “when you’re older” quite a bit. The girls picked up on it, and they’ve recounted quite a list of things that they’ll be able to have / do “when older”…

“[Baby A, Baby B] have pretty piggy toes when older!” Yes, you’re right! You can have your toenails painted like Mommy when you’re older.

[Baby A, Baby B] ride bicycle when older!” Yes, you’re right! You will get to ride a bicycle when you’re older. Then Baby A added “Ride bicycle fast!” tonight. I’m not so sure about that one…I probably need to add a caveat about wearing a helmet when they’re older, too.

[Baby A, Baby B] have puppy doggy when older!” Hmmm…I guess I did say that at some point. Note to self: be more careful not to make promises you’re not sure you can keep. These kiddos are listening to what you say!

[Baby A, Baby B] wear bra when older!” Huh???

The girls have developed a fascination with my bra lately. They always remark when I put one on in the mornings. They often ask to see it, or just help themselves to peer down my shirt if they’re in my lap. They are also fond of noting who isn’t wearing a bra, like their daddy, and the cat (seriously!).

I guess I’m pleased that they’re observant and interested in the finer details in life…but I am not prepared to talk to my girls about training bras just yet. I really thought I had at least another ten years!!!


Rebecca said...

Haha...I love this.

I'm pretty sure the Crazies will think that "Someday" is another day of the week...they'll always do something "Someday."

Mandy said...

Love it!

I wish the girls were speaking a little more, but with all that excitement I think I can wait a bit longer!

Quadmama said...

For the longest time my girls wanted to know why I was wearing a "bathing suit." (my bra). Now they want to know when they'll be allowed to wear one, too!

Beth said...

So funny! I talk constantly to my little ones also and when they repeat back exactly what I said three days ago, I'm reminded I better mean what I say. They are going to remember and hold me to it!

I was surprised to learn your cat doesn't wear a bra!! ;o) They really makes you laugh every day!!

Unknown said...

ha! My daughter has a sudden interest in my boobs and nipples. She'll tell me that when she's a big girl, like a mommy, she'll have big nipples like me and feed her baby with them. But then the next sentence, she's asking again WHY we have nipples or why Boys have them and why boys don't feed babies.

Oh lord help us!

Deanna said...

Isn't it amazing what all they pick up on and remember?? My girls are just starting to demonstrate how their memories work, and it's just so funny to watch that develop.

They have also gone through phases of bra obsession, peeking down our shirts and then looking for their own bras!

Andrea said...

That is too funny! I love it! Just wait until they ask a stranger in public about their bra! It amazes me what these little minds absorb. They remember everything! So much fun!

reanbean said...

"When I get big..." is said almost every day by one or both kids in our house. Sometimes the ending is amusing like "...I will put hot sauce on my spaghetti (like daddy)." And sometimes it's scary, like "...I will ride a motorcycle." or "...I will go to the moon." Hmmm... not what I had in mind.