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January 23, 2011

A Bit About Me, January Edition

My birthday is February 23rd, and on the 23rd* of each month, I devote a blog post to myself...sharing a couple of really random bits of information about the woman behind the mom.

Without further ado, I present to you January's randomness!

11) I can’t stand for my husband’s sock- and underwear drawers to be disorganized.

Occasionally my hubby will try to “help” with the laundry by putting some of his things away…which for him means cramming his undies into the drawer, unfolded. That's actually not helpful. There’s no way I could put the next batch of folded undies on top of those, so I have to reorganize the whole drawer. I know no one sees that…and if he isn’t complaining, then I should be at peace with it…but I just feel like a better wife if his socks are neatly paired. Yes, I know I have a problem...

12) One of the most “I-can’t-believe-I-really-did-that” things I’ve done was rent a car with three strangers and drive 350 miles in the middle of the night to make a business meeting.

I made my first leg of my flight fine, but the second leg was delayed, and delayed, and delayed, and finally cancelled due to a problem with the airplane. I had an important meeting at 8:00 the next morning. In a daring moment, I stood up in the airport terminal and said, “Who wants to drive to Bentonville with me?” Three folks quickly volunteered, and off we went to the rental car counter.

There were two college girls who had interviews the next day, and a 30-something guy who worked in advertising who had a week-old baby (and post-pardom wife) waiting for him at home. We let the girls sleep in the backseat, and the guy offered to drive. Since I didn’t know him from Adam, I stayed awake all night, too. I considered it my job to talk to him and make sure he stayed awake and drove with decorum.

First we talked about family, then school, then sports…but after three or four hours I was running out of ideas. Towards the end of our journey I remember asking him what his favorite cereal was…HA!

I eventually got about an hour and a half of sleep that night at the hotel, made my meeting, and then crashed on the return trip home. It was nutty, but I definitely got some accolades at the office the following day!

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*This month is whizzing by, and I almost missed my post date! I'm technically posting this on the 23rd, just before midnight. I say it counts!


MultipleMum said...

Tee he. You make me laugh!

Your Thelma and Louise story is amusing. Not quite decorated with glorious Brad Pitt's back shots and a drive off the cliff (thankfully) but definitely a brave and bold move!

Beth said...

Wow! Driving 350 miles with strangers? Yeah, no way would I have slept either. You defeinitely deserved some sort of reward from work for that (extra personal day, cash bonus...)
And I insist on keeping all of our underwear drawers neat and tidy, too(even though my husband mocks me for this.);o)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I would love to "attack" D's shelves (he keeps the drawers very neat) but I've been forbidden... :)

So do you have any plans for the bday next month?

Andrea said...

My mind is taking me to that John Candy movie " planes, trains & automobiles. I hope I said the right actor! I am super bad with actors names! How fun and thrill seeking. Would you ever do something like that again? Or do you feel like those chance taking times like that are over?

Barbara Manatee said...

oh wow...what a trip! (literally! ha!) gotta do what you gotta do, huh?

Anonymous said...

omg. i'm too freaked out to open the door for a stranger, let alone drive with 3! you're so brave.

...can you believe it's almost your birthday?? :)

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

WOW! You were a woman on a mission! I'm pretty sure I think everyone is out to get me (I'm writing about that in tomorrow's post), so I would have assumed all 3 of those people were serial killers! lol Granted, I would have also done whatever it took to get the job done! You're awesome!

I love this idea of writing about yourself on the day of your bday every month-very cool! I learn so much over here!

Rebecca said...

Why can't I remember to do this??? After all, I love myself too! If you want to be a really good wife, check out this system!

Deanna said...

Hilarious! I can't believe you just stood up and asked that in the are one dedicated lady. : ) I love that the guy wanted to get home to his wife and baby!

Megan said...

You are brave! I won't even answer the phone if it's someone I don't know. ;-)

reanbean said...

How bold of you to stand up and ask strangers to join you in a midnight road trip! It sounds like quite a ride.

And I get you with the socks and underwear thing. Although I don't put it away, I do fold T's underwear and pair his socks. One day he decided he was going to help me pair a big batch of white socks, but when I looked at what he was doing, he was pairing socks that technically didn't match. The were different lengths or different thicknesses. When I pointed this out, he said it didn't matter. They were just socks and no one was going to see them. But that didn't sit well with me. He doesn't help with the pairing anymore. :o)