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January 28, 2011

Fab 5 Friday...and ME!

It doesn’t take much to make for a fabulous week in my book!

1) Friday was Baby A’s first fever-free day last week, and it just so happened that Daddy was home for another Snow Day. We celebrated with a batch of waffles, the girls’ first. I had been looking for an opportunity to make them since the girls have a plastic waffle in their assortment of play food, but they’d never actually tasted the buttery goodness for themselves.

2) Late last week I started playing a little game with the girls, asking their stuffed animals what they could see out the window. “Grass?...Yes!” “A fence?...Yes!” “A giraffe?...No!” As part of this game, we talked about mulch. The girls must have loved that word, as they were pretty fascinated with pointing out mulch for a couple of days…until it snowed and they could no longer see it. They were pretty disturbed. It was a little sad, but also pretty funny!

3) We have a new Page-A-Day calendar this year, featuring snapshots of cats. The girls discovered it, and they ask every morning to see the “kitty cat cawendar”. It has become a treat for me to show them the picture while they drink their milk at breakfast, lunch, and during snack. I tell them the kitty’s name and which state she’s from, and usually by the end of the day they’ve got it down.

4) The girls love playing “paper-markers”, as they call it. We use washable markers, but they don’t always come off with just a wipe. A couple of times I’ve held the girls over the kitchen sink and helped them wash their hands with soap and water. They seem to feel like rock stars. And my guess is that the water tickles their hands, as they laugh like little nuts the whole time!

5) I’m not sure how this came about, but the girls have started requesting that their daddy sing “Found a Peanut” every night before bed, while I get their toothbrushes ready. The funny thing is that they don’t want me to sing…only Daddy! And even funnier is that he declared long ago to me how much he hates that particular song.

And what did I do for ME this week???

I have been CRAVING frozen yogurt from a new self-serve place in town that has all sorts of yummy toppings. The girls and I were going there about once a week back during the fall, but it’s been so cold the past few weeks that it didn’t seem right to bundle them up, only to freeze their core with a frozen treat.

On yet another of Hubby’s Snow Days this week, I slipped out during naptime to satisfy my craving. I did feel a little silly, traipsing through the SNOW, but I sure enjoyed that cup of yogurt…topped with Snickers crumbles and hot fudge (since it was cold outside, ya know?).



MultipleMum said...

Another fab week at your place (and a gorgeous new blog design! I like!) My two have been holding hands, giggling and kissing this week. Not sure what has brought on all the love but it sure is cute :)

Unknown said...

Love it! I just got a waffle maker but I've only used it once. I think I will pull it out again this weekend. I love that age, when they first start drawing and coloring. It's so much fun!

Yum, frozen yogurt! I am with you, I would eat it in any weather!

Rebecca said...

Slipping out during naptime feels like playing hooky! I love it!

penguinsandladybugs said...

We have two frozen yogurt places in my town, which is nice because they closed down one that I absolutely LOVED about a year ago.... I need to go check one of them out :)

reanbean said...

Mmmm.... sounds like a delicious treat! Fro-yo is definitely delicious anytime of the year. :o)

How did A and B like the waffles? Tiny and Buba love them, but I must confess, I've never given them homemade ones. We should pick up a waffle iron. I'm sure they would love the opportunity to help make them one day. (As a bit of an aside, we celebrated T's snow day with apple cinnamon pancakes, which I did make with the help of Trader Joe's pancake mix.)

AND I love the new background!

Mandy said...

We've done homemade waffles, pancakes, and muffins thanks to all the snow days! My thighs can't wait for DH to go back to work!!!!
The yogurt sounds delicious!! The closest things we have nearby is a cold.stone. At the shore we always stop in this homemade ice cream shop owned by this finnish man and now I can't stop thinking about it but three hours is a bit of a drive for ice cream... :)

Glad you treated yourself!

Anonymous said...

T is totally on a waffle kick right now. he would have them for every meal if we would let him :)

....and mmmmmmm....frozen yogurt! i need some!!

Unknown said...

yum! LOVE homemade waffles! they are the best! And fudge on the cold yogurt totally makes sense. Glad you got to get your fix!

Holly G said...

Great blog! Glad to read that today was fever-free. I know quite well the kind of relief that brings. :)

Andrea said...

So glad the fever bug has left your house!

I love those yogurt places....they are to die for! Yum, my mouth just started watering thinking of my last visit!

So hope your Saturday has been awesome! Take care, Andrea