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September 22, 2010

A Bit About Me, September Edition

On August 23, I posted a couple of random things about me. My plan is to do this on the 23rd of every month, leading up to my birthday on February 23…when I imagine I’ll have painted a pretty random picture of myself.

Here are September's random tidbits...

3) I heart San Francisco. Our absolute favorite vacation was three years ago, when we spent several days in San Francisco and the surrounding area. I just loved every bit of it…the downtown, the bridge area and Golden Gate Park, Pacific Coast Highway, Sausalito, and of course, wine country. And it just so happened we were in New York the following week (taking a long weekend after I was there for work)…so, within the span of a week, we spanned both the Golden Gate Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge. Not so bad for a girl from the Heart of Dixie, huh?

We’re looking forward to showing the girlies some of our favorite places.

4) I had some rather strange aspirations as a child. My dad recently reminded me that, when I was about three years old, he asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. For a solid year or so, I always answered, “Crystal Gayle.” Crystal Gayle is a country music singer from the ‘70’s and ‘80’s who was known for her extremely long hair. Between the singing and the hair, I was mesmerized. He kept trying to explain that I could be “like” Crystal Gayle, but I couldn’t actually "be" her. Either way, it’s a good thing I moved onto something else…I can barely sing a lick, and at shoulder-length, my hair is the longest now it’s been since my freshman year of college…and it would of course take years of commitment to grow a mane like Crystal.

I'm keeping copious notes to be able to remind the girlies of some of the silly things they said and did growing up.

So there ya have it...the randomness continues!


MultipleMum said...

My brother wanted to be a fire truck. Not a fireman, but a fire truck. Good luck with the hair growth!

The only part of LA I have been to is LAX. I am guessing that is not its best feature? Terrible airport.

Sadia said...

How funny! I was terribly boring; I always intended to be a teacher. That didn't quite end up happening!

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

Funny!!! It's so fun to learn more about you. What a great idea!

Deanna said...

Crystal Gayle? Ha!!

My best friend and I were just talking about New York this weekend. We used to travel together a lot, but we've never been to NYC. I'm thinking she and I might escape for a girls' weekend in the next year or two!

Rebecca said...

Holy crap...I so badly wanted to be Crystal the point where I would serenade Kevin Mulvaney on our school bus with "You Light Up My Life." Wonder why he never gave me the time of day???

Chelle said...

hehe! I loved her hair! It's really cool to hear these random things about you!