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January 14, 2011

Fab 5 Friday and ME!

Another fabulous week in A & B World!

1) We got a healthy report from our pediatrician during our two-year checkup on Friday. I know my babies are perfect, but it’s always nice to hear it from an expert. :)

2) The girls are doing SO WELL eating with utensils! KNOCK ON WOOD as I type this, they’re getting less food on their hands, which has resulted in less food in their hair! I’m thinking we can cut baths back to twice a month. (KIDDING!!! Although wouldn’t that be nice?!!!)

3) The girls' newfound proficiency with utensils has opened the door to a plethora of new dishes. It was so great to make a chicken pot pie one night, and split pea soup another…and have the four of us sit down, at the same time, and eat the same thing. Hallelujah!!!

4) Our kitty Sasha has gone into the den (which requires the hurdling of baby gates) a couple of times this week while the girls were in their high chairs in the kitchen. Both times, they said, “Share, Sasha,” and did the baby sign for share [as I once asked them if they’d be willing to share their toys with Sasha]. I don’t remember ever seeing them sign “share” in the context of sharing with each other, but I guess their furry sister prompts them to be much more generous!

5) I made a big family breakfast on Tuesday (yet another snow day for the hubs). I served up matching plates (but for the fact that ours weren’t neon plastic) of scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, and pigs-in-a-blanket. I froze for a moment, realizing I didn’t want to tell the girls what the sausage-filled balls of doughy goodness were called – lest I turn them into vegetarians for life – but they didn’t pause long enough to recognize my stutter. The dove straight in and enjoyed every.last.scrap. ‘Atta girls!

And what did I do, just for 'lil ol' me???

My hubby has been out of school most of the week due to snow. During naptime last Friday, I got out to run a few errands. Although it meant I had to speed-shop for my groceries, I stopped in a new bead store that I’d been eyeing for months. I got to chat with the owner, and we shared our love for “buy local”. I only bought a couple of beads for two specific projects I’ve been thinking about, but I’m inspired to stop back in – soon, I hope – and try my hand at a new project.


And…one more fabulous note...

Thank you so much to Rebecca of Unexplained x2 for awarding me the Trendy Blogger award!!! I don’t know how “trendy” I am (particularly if you could see me typing this in my Christmas-sock-monkey fleece pants and bumblebee socks…ahem…), but I appreciate the shout-out.

Rebecca is most certainly one of the bloggers I never miss…when I see a new blog post, I drop everything [except a baby] so I can check her out. Gotta love her honesty, and the way she writes about it is heee-larious. And I think she's a pretty smart mama, too. Check out some of her other picks here.

The Trendy Treehouse


Dolli-Mama said...

That is awesome that the girls are doing so well with their utensils. I'm impressed that they tried chicken pot pie, split pea and pigs in a blanket.
I am glad you got to get out of the house for yourself for a little while. Buying local beeds sounds like fun!
Thank you for linking up!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

oops - i just remembered the award again now.

I need to get on that!

I'm also impressed by the utensils - yay! less hair washing!!

Deanna said...

I totally missed that award post of Rebecca's until you mentioned it. So, um, thanks for pointing it out to me! : )

Mackenzie is big on 'share' right now...except she thinks it means she can take what she wants from Addison. She will call out "Share!" as she yanks a toy away from her sister. Oy!

penguinsandladybugs said...

I need to nurture my creative side more. I haven't done any bead projects, but I'd love to see pics of yours when you do them!!

Rebecca said...

Gawd...not Christmas-sock-monkey fleece pants and bumblebee socks...what was I thinking? LOL...guess everyone screws up every now and then!

I am kinda jealous of the utensil thing...mine were doing well and then regressed. That has concluded in Matt biting his own finger several times while shoveling food down his gullet. You'd think that utensils would look more attractive after an experience like that, but alas...he's a caveman!

Tracy said...

So glad the girls are growing and doing well, but I am SOOOO jealous they eat Chicken Pot Pie... JEA-LOU-S!!!!! Congrats on the Trendy award, you blog is awesome!!

Andrea said...

Every time you mention your cat Sasha it makes me miss having an indoor pet! Random....I know!

Contests on your award! You more than deserve it!

Have a great weekend! Take care, Andrea

Anonymous said...

omg. i can't wait for the days when we are all eating the same thing :)

i tried to give the kids split pea soup this week, too. did NOT go so well!

Barbara Manatee said...

glad that the girls are doing well with their utensils!!! Adam has his 2 year check up on Monday.

Did your girls actually eat the Split Pea Soup? My kids do like peas..but I'm pretty certain if they saw Pea Soup, they'd run from the table.

reanbean said...

Another great one! Glad to hear that all continues to go well with the utensils. :o)

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

Isn't it nice to know that a professional thinks you're kids are perfect?!!!