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January 15, 2011

Unexpected Whiplash

I was feeling so proud of myself for approaching the girls’ birthday last week with such a joyful heart. And on the big day, I just enjoyed myself, enjoying the girls and appreciating the moment. I did shed a couple of tears as I was putting them to bed, and again at 9:47 and 9:49, the exact moments they entered this world, two years ago.

The day after the girls’ birthday, life began to return to normal. I was no longer evaluating each and every emotion, trying to gauge my feelings…

...and it’s exactly that nonchalance that allows things to sneak up on you.

I was looking for a particular picture, and I ran across one of my very favorites from those first few days after the girls came home from the hospital.

It’s incredible how tiny Baby A was, and I love how sweetly she was tucked into her daddy’s lap, safe and sound.

That picture didn’t elicit any tearful emotions, just a sweet sigh from Mommy.

Then, later that day, seemingly unrelated, the girls did some “artwork,” as they call it. I happened to think to hang it on the refrigerator. Why I haven’t hung their artwork on the refrigerator to date, I don’t know, but then it hit me…

…how were my babies so tiny just a short time ago, and are now big enough to have ARTWORK hanging on my ‘fridge???

Artwork is for Big Kids. How did My Babies get to be Big Kids so quickly???

And I may have just shed a little tear.


Cuz I'm the mama! said...

I have a feeling we will feel this way forever. It's not very understanable why my mom always wanted to talk about my birth....the memories are so vivid....even with each passing year. And...I agree - it sneaks up on us. Like with the art work....I totally hear you. Your girls are such loves. Congrats on the start of year #3. :)

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

Meant to say it's "NOW" very understandable, instead of "not"...proof read, Maria!

Rebecca said...

Too cute...I love that picture!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Aaaawww. Too sweet.

Let it out - go cry :)

I asked D today if he misses them being babies. He said, "definitely not. I love this stage!"

So then I told him his next thing on the list - to choose one pic of each baby for the first 12 months (I saw cute frames and thought it was a good idea... :)) - I will see if he still doesn't miss the babyness just a little bit :)

Hope you're having a fun weekend, Mandy

Andrea said...

That picture is too sweet! She was so tiny! It is so hard to remember them that small. Where does the time go and why does it have to go so fast?!?! It is funny how somedays are better than others. This may be to personal, so please don't feel like you have to answer. Are you and DH planning to have anymore? I think that is why it is so rough on me because these are my only 2. Just curious. Have a great rest of he weekend!

MultipleMum said...

Growing up is a gorgeous thing. They will always bring you joy, no matter how big they are. You did this! You helped them get here in the first place and grow from tiny to tot. You are doing a wonderful job as a Mum to your beautiful, precious twosome. Cry if you must, but let them be tears of triumph :)

Unknown said...

awww...precious photo!! I cried when I put Adam to bed the other night on his birthday. Can't believe he's 2 already!!

reanbean said...

I don't remember being too emotional or sentimental when my kids turned two (honestly, it could be that I just don't remember), but I'm just beginning to have some emotional moments around my guys turning three. Sometimes it's hearing their sweet little singing voices and other times it's watching the way that interact with each other or their peers in such a big kid manner. Everyone says, "They grow up so fast." So why do I feel so caught off-guard?

Christina said...

I getting emotional thinking about the girls going to pre-school. For me, school is it. When you have to force yourself to let them go...and OMG. So not ready!
Hope your weekend was awesome!

Kate Pantier @ Mommy Monologues said...

Um...Lboy's bday is not until May & I've already started having a few melt downs!