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August 30, 2010

Exercises in Child-Rearing

Although I let my gym membership go when the girls were born, I’m still getting a full range of exercises in…

Zumba. I dance all sorts of jigs with the girls. Sometimes we function as partners, and other times – for a more intense workout – I dance while holding them, on my hip, or occasionally on my shoulders. The Twist, the Charleston, and the Waltz are favorites at our house.

Weights. The girls’ combined weight is close to 50% of my total body weight. Lug that around – in part or in whole – and I’m sporting the best biceps of my life!

Stair Master. At least 150 times a day, I’m up and down, at least half the time carrying one or both girls. Quads and glutes, Baby!

Leg lifts. The girls love to “fly” on my legs. Lie down on the floor, facing skyward; position a baby between your knees and ankles; lift. Repeat…again…and again…and again.

Sit-ups. The girls also love “horsey rides”. Lie down on the floor, facing skyward; position a baby sitting on your lower abdomen; bounce. Repeat…again…and again…and again (while making galloping sounds). Works as a nice follow-up to leg-lifts.

Hurdles. Baby gates…’nuff said.

5K. Roughly our neighborhood route. I either power-walk with the girls in their (humungous) jogging stroller, or jog when I can actually go it alone. Ahhh…the feeling of a hot breeze in my hair. :)

Yoga. I often contort myself into all sorts of uncomfortable positions, usually reaching for a toy that’s made its way behind the couch, or cleaning up blueberries that somehow found their way under the refrigerator.

Water Aerobics. I bathe with the girls, which is quite a feat. There are little arms and legs everywhere, intertwined with my bigger arms and legs. Add to the mix one baby (A) who doesn’t like to get her face wet, and another baby (B) who likes to splash, and trust me, it’s exercise!

Now if I can just break myself of eating a snack when I feed one to the girls, I might be on to something!


Quadmama said...

I wore a pedometer once on laundry day. I clocked nearly 5 miles without ever leaving the house!

Momma Chantal said...

I have an award for you on my blog :)

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

I love this post!! So true, isn't it?? I just have just recently starting going back to our gym. We've kept our memebership and it was like either get back there or let it go!! But you are right - whether we realize it or not - we are movin' and groovin' all day long!

Christina said...

A Pedometer! I should try that! Great post, and oh so true!

MultipleMum said...

Very clever Mandy. All that exercise is keeping you very slim too :)

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

haha this is awesome! It's so true though! I used to think when someone told me that they stay skiny by chasing around the kids I thought they were lying--I'm now a believer!

M and M Mommy said...

I used to hate when people told me that they kept thin by chasing around their kiddos-I TOTALLY say that now, cuz it is SO true!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I can't wait to start chasing my kids to get skinny :)

Wait - I guess I shouldn't relax afterwards with a muffin and a cup of tea? :)

reanbean said...

Very funny! I knew staying home with my kids was a workout, but never thought of it that way. :o)