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August 5, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

Check out my guest post on sign language on Multiples & More!


And so goes another week of fabulous adventures with my girlies!

1) Both girls mastered the sign for “spider”. They can now sign the significant parts of “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” – spider, rain, and sun. And of course they groove along as we sing, too.

2) Baby B’s new favorite word is “mess”. She is very quick to point out when there is the smallest crumb on her highchair tray or on the floor. And I swear she gestured towards my hair at one point this week (before I’d had a chance to shower) and said, very convincingly, “Mess!” (The little booger…)

3) The girls and I were standing at the window on Saturday, watching Daddy in the backyard. I knocked on the window, and they proceeded to knock, too. How cute it was to see their tiny little fists in action!

4) I took the girls with me grocery shopping this week, for the first time ever when I had a full weekly list (as opposed to just needing a few things). I kept them in their stroller, pushing it and pulling the cart. I did what I could to entertain them, pointing out all the pretty colors of cracker boxes and waving to every other child in the store…and it worked. They were so well behaved, and even smiled at the random people who came up to talk to them. I, on the other hand, was exhausted afterwards, but ultimately I still managed to smile at our big accomplishment.

5) Hubby and I invited the girls to be our “snuggle bunnies” on the couch Thursday night. They’re usually not content to just sit (without reading or tickling or some other distraction), but they piled up with us for a couple of minutes, seeming to enjoy being “big girls” just lounging about. It was such a fun “family” moment. I couldn’t help but fast-forward to thinking about enjoying Saturday morning cartoons with them one day, or Friday movie nights.

Tune in again next week for another recap of the week's sure-to-be fabulous adventures of A and B!


TexasRed said...

How adorable! Your girls sound fantastic!

(Came over from Multiples & More)

MultipleMum said...

My Minx is obsessed with 'mess' too (although she says 'dirty, me clean'. It must be little girls. Great post over at M&M! You are a star!!

Dolli-Mama said...

Your guest post was great! It sounds like you had an awesome week! Yeah!

reanbean said...

Tiny is also one who loves to point out any sort of mess (except for their toys scattered all over the house) she sees. She has her own green wash cloth (Buba's is blue) and will use it to clean up any messes that she can reach. She's been doing this for months. Her latest obsession, though, it with litter. I love that she wants to clean up the whole world, but it's just impossible to get anywhere with her wanting to stop and pick up every tiny bit of trash she sees. My little environmentalist...

Ah, grocery shopping with two. It's quite the workout. I'm impressed you've gotten this far without needing to take them along on such a trip. I shopped that same way- push the stroller, pull the cart- for over a year (probably starting when they were around 5 or 6 months). But somewhere between 18 months and 2 years, that method stopped working for us. They'd both reach out and want to touch everything. Staying in the middle of the aisle helped, but that wasn't always possible. After taking down and entire display of Mac and Cheese boxes, I gave up on using the double stroller for grocery trips. For a while, I'd wear one and have one sit in the cart, but that had its challenges too. Now we make it a family adventure. T pushes one in a cart, and I push the other one in another cart. It's much easier to only have to keep one from touching everything, and we can split the list and meet at the checkout. :o)

(Sorry for the novel. I hope you're having a great weekend!)