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August 3, 2010

Not Racking Up Any Frequent Flyer Miles

One of the things I miss most about Life, B.C. (before children) is travelling. I used to travel quite a bit for work, and I always kept an eye out for cheap airline fares, as well. If I saw an especially hot ticket price, Hubby and I just might have decided to make a long weekend of a quick trip somewhere fun.

In the past 19 months, I think I can count the times I’ve left the county (i.e. driven more than 20 miles in any one direction) on the fingers of two hands. We’ve only been to visit family a couple of times, driving about 250 miles each way. Outside of that, we’ve kept our big adventures to a 60-mile radius of home.

If I think about it too much, I begin to get a little stir crazy. But fortunately I have the blogosphere to keep me entertained… I get to “travel” to all sorts of exotic places with just the click of a mouse!

(I know I’m grasping here, but it’s all relative…and it keeps me from breaking into tears when I occasionally hear “Free Bird” on the radio…)

Not all of my bloggy friends make their home cities known, and I understand that, too. But for those who do, thanks for letting me visit now and again.

Here’s a sampling of some of my recent travels (sorry I forgot my camera, so I don’t have any pics)…

New Orleans, Louisiana…The Big Easy. I can almost taste the gumbo and hear the Zydeco music. (Oh, wait, I do hear Zydeco music…but that’s from the girls’ collection of CDs. They go nuts for the accordion!) (The Joyeful Journey)

Texas…everything’s bigger there! (Double the Fun and Ditt and Dott)

Boston. Hubby and I had grand plans to vacation there in 2008, but as it turned out, I wasn’t exactly up for the bicycle tour route. (Twice)

Our last mini-vacation during my pregnancy was to Chicago. It will be fun to take the girls back one day to show them the streets we once traversed together, causing Mommy to become quite winded in The Windy City. (North Side Four)

Disney World…I can’t wait to take the girls! (Twice the Love…Half and Sleep and Triplets: Who Knew?)

California. Hubby’s and my favorite vacation was to San Fran a couple of years ago. I know Wine Country will be a different experience with A and B in tow one day, but we can’t wait to share that experience with them. (Thriving and Surviving with Twins)

I even log some international travel in the blogosphere

The girls got to see a kangaroo at one of the local zoos this summer. I felt like I was paying a small homage to my Australian travels. (And Then There Were Four)

And it was awesome to feel connected to South Africa during the World Cup this summer. (1,2,3 Blog and Juggling Act of Life)

But for all my travels, sometimes it’s best to just go home, to Sweet Home Alabama. And these visits will be all the more fun during football season! (It’s a Crazy, Beautiful Life, Two Little Monkeys, Elliott’s Escapes, and The Stephens Family Blog)

At least my pretend frequent flyer miles are accumulating. Unfortunately, so is the dust on my non-pretend suitcase.

I know it won’t be too much longer until the girls are ready to pack up and go…and I can’t wait to begin to show them the world outside these city limits.


Sadia said...

Mandy, I just love this post! In addition to the fun of the virtual journey you've taken us on, I empathize with missing travel. I'd always imagined that I'd be jet-setting all over the world in my 30s, taking advantage of all the multi-national kids I went to school with for free accomodation. Not so.

MultipleMum said...

I am glad Australia is on your stop (I love having you stop by! Thanks for the linky love :)

We *try* to travel with kids but have to avoid airports. Way too hard! Regular 'mini breaks' is our scene. Never very far from home, but always a change of scenery and routine. I will take it.

Helene said...

This is such a great post...I haven't traveled nearly as much as I would love!!!

The one thing that keeps me excited though is thinking of all the fun experiences I'll have in the future with the kiddos when traveling!!!

Deanna said...

Thanks for the shout-out! We may be going to the TN Aquarium Friday, which will be our longest trip in awhile. I am trying to plan a kid-free weekend getaway for the fall, but I don't know if it will actually happen or not. My husband doesn't get into these adventures as much as I do!

On another note....One month from today...Roll Tide!!! : )

April said...

omg. i don't like to leave the HOUSE and now we're going on this big trip, lol. hopefully i'll be on the ball and you can virtually visit hilton head island, washington dc, boston, and several podunk towns inbetween!

what a fun post.

Megan said...

What, you didn't want to travel to Nebraska?!?! Isn't our 90 degree heat and unbearable humidity and lack of anything exciting to do enticing enough for you?

Hmmm. Maybe I should just go with you on some of your virtual trips instead. :-)